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Modded OG XBOX won't play USA region games.


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Hey there fellows!

The main OG XBOX I use for gaming is a modified PAL system with one of the Xecutor chips installed.

Most of my games are either PAL or NTSC-J, and I've been playing these games fine for years without any issue, but recently I tried to play some US region NTSC games and got stuck.

For some reason, whenever I try to play a US NTSC game, it boots the DVD player and tries to read the disc as a DVD. I am unsure if this is due to some menu setting I have set wrong, or whether there is some bug or general incompatibility going on.

It seems strange to me I can play PAL and NTSC-J games fine, but not US NTSC games... Another strange thing is somehow one of my US games WAS working, Star Wars Starfighter, but it wouldn't load from the mod menu it would only load from turning the XBOX on with the game already in the tray... And now it won't even do that, so I have no idea what's going on really!

Fortunately, I do have other modded XBOXES I can use, but I'd rather see this fixed if it's not too much hassle rather than swapping one of those into service.

Any ideas?

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From what I could find...

Alright. It appears that your Xbox is modded to be compatible for both PAL and NTSC-J coded games. With there being cases that any game that is coded as NTSC, NTSC-US, and NTSC-UC might not be compatible.

With this, I have three step suggestion on how you can resolve this:

STEP #1: Get yourself a beer. Repeat this until you are ready for the next step.

STEP #2: Once you feel drunk enough to deal with this, order a Xbox that can play NTSC games.

STEP #3: Conclude that me walking into Wata's new lobby has created a temporal rift, and that rift is why you need to deal with steps 1 and 2.

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Follow-up response: To ensure that you did not strain your eyes from rolling them too hard, or have caused a long-term hand print to be on your glorious face, please understand that the response you were given was Google's fault.

So for future slip-ups I am to make here, please give me the following look while you hope to hear from a more sane individual. Thank you. 😉

Larry David Reaction GIF

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I forgot the eye wink. Somehow it makes me appear to be "human".
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  • 2 weeks later...

Still having problems! I have now tried another XBOX, this time it's an NTSC-J system with the EVO-X mod chip and Xbox Media Center installed.

I am having almost precisely the same issue... PAL and NTSC-J games are running without issue, but US NTSC games aren't working, apart from Star Wars Starfighter for some reason...

The XBMC interface is detecting GTA:SA in the tray, but attempting to boot the game resets the system. Meanwhile, other US games I have tried, such as Fight Club and Bad Boys: Miami Takedown simply are not recognised.

Has anyone else got any ideas? I am guessing either there is some sort of anti-piracy measure built into certain games that is preventing the mod chip from working properly, or there is some option setting that I am missing?

@drxandy @spacepup @TDIRunner can you think of anything or know anyone else who might?

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@OptOutI haven't done an Xbox mod, I lucked into a console that had one already done so I wish I could be more help but here's some potential forums that might be able to help:




Or maybe reddit r/originalxbox

Good luck doooood

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Sorry, I have zero experience with modding the original XBox and very little experience with playing it.  I know the location of the magic button to open the disc tray if it gets stuck, but that's about it.  

My only thought is that the mod turned off NTSC compatibility, or there is a toggle in the menu.  But I'm not sure why PAL and NTSC-J would work together.  If anything, I would expect the NTSC and NTSC-J to work together while PAL would require a different setting.  

Also, I was up so late last night playing Tear of the Kingdom, that I'm too tired to come up with a good meme or GIF.  Sorry, I've got nothing today.

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