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Atari / Commodore hardware value


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In 2007, I bought a lot of Amiga and Commodore hardware from a guy who lived close to me. The stuff is European/German version. It's been in storage ever since.

If there's anyone with experience in this sort of stuff, it would be nice if I could estimate at least some of it for a future sale - at least to know if any of it has special value or something.

Unfortunately it's all untested and God knows if one day I'll be able to test any of it, since I'm missing cables and power adapters.













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First, it looks like every picture you have is for Commodore 64 stuff except the Atari cassette player.聽 I'm assuming you have more but didn't post pictures? Anyway, the last time I sold something like this was probably about 2018, and I sold a C64 breadbin, 1541, 1702 monitor, and an SD2IEC for $200.聽 The breadbin was power modded to avoid damage from bad PSUs, but the guy I sold it too didn't have a clue about that.聽 That should be the low end of what that stuff would sell for today.聽

Power supplies - that one pictured with the breadbin may be cut because it went bad.聽 You can buy modern power supplies for the C64, but the one you have for the C64c is known to be pretty reliable.聽 Still, I think most hard-core C64 folks would use a newer PSU from Ray Carlsen or other various online sources.聽 It might be worth it to buy one just to test these machines.聽 You can sell it with the last unit and get your money back on it.

Amiga stuff is usually worth MUCH more and is harder and harder to come buy.聽 You will move even untested Amiga stuff pretty fast, but I don't know what a good 2023 price would be.

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Nah I just didn't pay much attention, that's all I got in that lot. Would a single power supply work with all the machines in the photos? If yes, do you have a link or exact model number so I know what to buy?

But then I'd need a video cable and a compatible monitor anyway, so I'm probably going to sell everything as-is and untested.

Now that I think about it, maybe there was an Amiga 500 in there, or maybe I got it separately, but I kept that one since I had some games to play on it, and surprisingly (or not) it worked fine.

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I know you said you won't test, but here's one that I have seen recommended:聽聽C64 PSU, C64 Power Supply, Commodore 64 PSU, Commodore 64 Power Supply, Commodore 128, 1541, 1571, 1581, Amiga 500, Atari, ZX Spectrum (keelog.com)聽 That site also sells "testers" that would give you piece of mind about the supplys you have:聽聽C64, C128 & Amiga Power Supply Tester (keelog.com)

The C64 can output composite and S-Video natively with a simple cord like this:聽聽Composite Video & Audio TV DIN Cable for Commodore 64 C64 C-64 Optional HDMI | eBay

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