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Yum! (Game Gear)


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Hi! I'm currently working on a game for the Game Gear. It's called "Yum!" I made a website where you can try out the latest version and instructions on how to play it. It seems kind of simple now, so I'd like to have some feedback about what I can do to make it better. I'll keep working on it until I have all the stuff I want in it.


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In terms of gameplay, I think it pretty much does what you set out for it to do.  The only thing I could think to add to this design would be some foods that change randomly and offer a bonus if you eat them.

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I think Yum is pretty much finished. All my stuff I wanted to put in it is put in. Let me know what you think.


Yes, he's eating food underwater. I couldn't think of any other background. The game has 4 levels.

level 1 - slow food
level 2 - medium speed food
level 3+ - fast food.

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