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GB Corp. a Game Boy game that detects the GB model you own and use it for gameplay

Dr. Ludos

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Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that, after a successful Kickstarter, my Game Boy game GB Corp. is now available for sale to everyone.

Gb Corp. by Dr. Ludos

The game is an idle management game that rewards you for playing it on several Game Boy models (DMG, GBP, GBC, SGB, GBA...). For more detail, The talented Nick from Retrobreak Youtube channel did an in-depth review of the game here:

The game is available in a beautiful physical edition published by Yastuna Games: https://yastuna-games.com/en/nintendo-game-boy/72-81-gb-corp.html#/28-cartouche_gb-grise/33-packaging-boite_notice_insert

Gb Corp. physical release by Yastuna Games

And also as a digital (ROM) version from here:

And last but not least, as usual the digital (ROM) version of the game is a gift to all my supporters of the "free games" tier on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/free-games-gb-80768610

I hope you'll enjoy this quite unique game in the Game Boy library!

Dr. Ludos.

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