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Check Out the TinyTendo

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This came up in my YouTube feed this evening, and I gave it a watch.  Very neat project, although I dislike the fact that the guy who created it basically made his own and enough to send to media folks, then shut down all discussion on any sort of limited or mass production, at least involving him.  The project is open source, so it's possible that someone else may pick this up and figure out a commercial angle to make these more readily available, so I suppose there's hope yet that the non-extremely-technically-inclined might one day lay their hands on one.

Based on the form factor, this precludes any sort of 2-player action, which is somewhat disappointing, but not terribly surprising.  One thing to note, though, is the mention that the creator is thinking of figuring out how to implement a touch screen and somehow work that in to allow for playing light gun games on the system.  Sadly, that still leaves ROB out in the cold, but I suppose it's roughly the last amount of functionality that could realistically be squeezed into the form factor while still leaving the underlying system using 100% genuine Nintendo hardware under the hood.


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