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Acclaim/Arena/Flying Edge - A Genesis Collecting Guide


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Full credit to SuperGamBoy for this OP - his guides come in very handy when collecting on the Genesis, where case/reg card/poster swaps happen all the time, it's nice to know exactly what belongs where. 




In this mini guide I’ll be focusing on all of the titles that Acclaim published for the Sega Genesis.  

This guide will not include games published by Flying Edge or Arena.  Both Flying Edge and Arena appear to have become associated with Acclaim in 1992.  Arena had been formed as a division of Mirrorsoft Ltd. in 1991 to publish Mirrorsoft’s games (with the Arena label) games for the Sega Genesis.  The arrangement was related to contract issues with Nintendo.  Acclaim acquired Mirrorsoft (and the Arena label) on January 6, 1992.  Acclaim also created the subsidiary Flying Edge in 1992 and debuted it at Summer CES in June of that year.  The final games for each label came out in 1994, after which Acclaim used its name on all of the titles it published.  In the second post of this thread, I’ll post full lists of games published by Flying Edge and Arena.

There are 27 Acclaim published releases for the Sega Genesis.

# Title Year Poster Style Case Style Additional Inserts
1 Batman Forever 1995 Black/Silver Regular  
2 College Slam 1996 Black/Silver Wide  
3 Cutthroat Island 1996 Black/Silver Wide  
4 Demolition Man 1995 Dream Team Regular  
5 Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story 1994 Dream Team Regular  
6 Foreman For Real 1995 Dream Team Regular  
7 Frank Thomas: Big Hurt Baseball 1995 Black/Silver Regular Baseball Card
8 Judge Dredd 1995 Dream Team Regular AOL Disk
9 Justice League Task Force 1995 Dream Team Regular  
10 Mortal Kombat II 1994 Dream Team Regular  
11 NBA Jam: T.E. 1994 Dream Team Regular Orange Tip Card
12 Newman Haas IndyCar featuring Nigel Mansell 1994 Dream Team Regular  
13 NFL Quarterback Club 1994 Offense/Defense Regular  
14 NFL Quarterback Club 96 1995 Hyper Audibles and Black/Silver Regular NFL Merchandise Catalog
15 Revolution X 1995 Black/Silver Wide  
16 Scooby-Doo Mystery 1995 Black/Silver Regular  
17 Spider-Man: The Animated Series 1995 Dream Team Regular  
18 Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage 1994 VG Blockbusters Regular  
19 Spot Goes to Hollywood 1995 Black/Silver Wide  
20 Stargate 1995 Dream Team Regular  
21 True Lies 1995 Dream Team Regular  
22 Venom/Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety 1995 Black/Silver Wide  
23 Virtual Bart 1994 Dream Team Regular  
24 Warlock 1994 Dream Team Regular  
25 Wolverine: Adamantium Rage 1994 Dream Team Regular  
26 WWF Raw 1994 Dream Team Regular Aura Interactor
27 WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game 1995 Black/Silver Regular  


I’ve labeled this guide as a “mini” guide because the contents for all of these Acclaim releases are pretty similar.  Every single Acclaim release includes a game-specific registration card and an Acclaim poster/insert.  The main point of this guide is to direct you to which posters came with which games while also highlighting any additional inserts that came with certain games.

To begin, there are two main posters that were packed in with Acclaim published games for the Sega Genesis.  Games published in 1994, along with a few games in 1995, included a poster/insert with the text “Acclaim’s Dream Team!”  Later in 1995, and for both releases in 1996, Acclaim instead packed in an insert that I refer to as the “Black/Silver” poster.  The word Genesis is written in silver on a black background. For each insert I’ve tried to show what it looks like when it’s folded up and when it’s completely unfolded.  Both of those posters are blank on the opposite side.

Acclaim’s Dream Team!

Black/Silver Poster

Here are all of the games that used the “Acclaim’s Dream Team!” poster:

And here are the games that included the Black/Silver poster:

Acclaim (and its subsidiary labels) also used a poster that read “Video Game Blockbusters.”  This poster has Acclaim, Arena, Flying Edge, and LJN logos in the top right corner.  I have seen the poster packed in with some Arena games and at least one Flying Edge game.  

Maximum Carnage is the only Acclaim title to include the “Video Game Blockbusters” poster.

A note on Maximum Carnange: this game has two releases, one with a black cart and one with a red cart.  The boxes, manuals, and inserts for the games are identical.  The only difference between the two releases is the color of the cart.  When sealed, the red cart release had a sticker on the outside indicating that the cartridge was red.


Maximum Carnage was also packaged with a comic book, three lapel pins, and a certificate of authenticity for a release through QVC. The release for that package was the one with the red cartridge, and the game itself was sealed, just as it would have been at retail.  The box holding the game and the pack-in items was also sealed.  As this package was released through QVC, I don’t count it as something that Acclaim “published.”

NFL Quarterback Club had its own poster that was two-sided.  One side shows offensive plays and the other defensive plays:

NFL Quarterback Club 96 included a hybrid poster.  One side of the poster is the Black/Silver poster included with games released in 1995 and 1996, and the other side features “Hyper Audibles”:
NFL Quarterback Club 96 also included an NFL Merchandise Catalog:

In addition to NFL Quarterback Club 96, four other releases had additional inserts that came with the games.

Frank Thomas: Big Hurt Baseball included a Frank Thomas baseball card.  The card has an acclaim logo on the back and appears to be unique to this game:

Judge Dredd came with an AOL diskette in a special sleeve that was adhered to the back of the clamshell, underneath the shrink wrap.  The art design on the sleeve matches the back of the boxes artwork so that the sleeve blends in:

NBA JAM T.E. included an orange insert that reads “Read Carefully Before You Lace Up The Shoes!”:

WWF Raw appears to have included an insert for Aura Interactor.  This insert is a more recent discovery for me, but I’ve seen it with two separate copies of the game.

For Acclaim releases, there were two kinds of cases.  The vast majority of games use a clamshell case with a cart holder that is the same size as a normal Genesis cart.  A few titles in 1995 and 1996 used a new case with a larger cart holder, one that could have accommodated an EA games cart.  The games that I know about that used the new case style are: College Slam, Cutthroat Island, Revolution X, Separation Anxiety, and Spot Goes to Hollywood.  There may be others, but those are the five that I have observed.

Regular case:

Wide Case:

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Part 2: 


# Title Year Case Style Poster Reg Card Additional Inserts
1 Alien 3 1992 Sega      
2 Back to the Future: Part III 1991 Sega      
3 Battlemaster 1991 Sega     Battlemaster Poster
4 Mortal Kombat 1993 Acclaim VG Blockbusters Yes CD single insert
5 NBA Jam 1994 Acclaim VG Blockbusters Yes Fleer Cards
6 Predator 2 1992 Sega      
7 Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe 1991 Sega      
8 Super High Impact 1992 Sega      
9 T2: The Arcade Game 1992 Acclaim      

A couple of notes:

Arena Entertainment was a publishing label for Mirrosoft and it released games prior to Acclaim’s purchase of the company in January 1992.  As a result, some Arena games used normal Sega branded clamshells, even though the company is often associated with Acclaim.  Even after the acquisition, it appears that games continued to use Sega cases for a time.  Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam definitely used Acclaim style cases, and I’m pretty sure T2: The Arcade Game did as well.  It is possible that other games also did, and perhaps some games were released in both case styles.  I haven’t seen observed in both cases, but I’m learning about these subtle differences for the first time while researching these releases, and it seems reasonable that some of these games could have gotten a second print run with updated clamshells.  

Similarly, the “Video Game Blockbusters” poster doesn’t appear to pop up until the Arena releases in 1993 and 1994.

NBA Jam has two releases, one whose cover mentions the ‘NBA Jam Session Fleer Cards,” and one that does not.  I presume the release without the cards is a second, later release.

I presume Mortal Kombat had more than one release and that not all releases of the game included the CD single insert, but I’m really not certain one way or the other.

Flying Edge

# Title Year Case Style Poster Reg Card Additional Inserts
1 The Addams Family 1994 Sega   Yes  
2 Arch Rivals: The Arcade Game 1992 Sega      
3 Champions World Class Soccer 1994 Acclaim VG Blockbusters Yes  
4 Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game 1992 Sega      
5 Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge 1992 Sega      
6 George Foreman’s KO Boxing 1992 Sega      
7 The Incredible Crash Dummies 1994 Sega   Yes  
8 Krusty’s Super Fun House 1992 Sega      
9 NBA All-Star Challenge 1992 Acclaim      
10 Robocop 3 1993 Acclaim   Yes  
11 Roger Clemens’ MVP Baseball 1992 Sega      
12 The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants 1992 Sega   No  
13 The Simpsons: Bart’s Nightmare 1993 Sega      
14 Spider-Man/X-Men: Arcade’s Revenge 1993 Sega Dream Team Yes Inserts only in Mexico release
15 Steel Empire 1992 Sega      
16 Super Smash TV 1992 Sega      
17 Terminator 2: Judgement Day 1993 Acclaim VG Blockbusters Yes  
18 WWF Super Wrestlemania 1992 Sega      
19 WWF Royal Rumble 1993 Acclaim   Yes  

I’m sure the chart above on Flying Edge isn’t complete, and I welcome input of any of the other games have registration cards or posters.  I don’t think any of the Flying Edge games have additional inserts.
Lastly, I figure I’ll mention Williams, since they were the publisher for two Mortal Kombat games.  In total it appears that Williams published three games for the Sega Genesis:

1.    Mortal Kombat 3
2.    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
3.    Williams Arcade’s Greatest Hits

Mortal Kombat 3 is a clamshell release. From checking eBay, it appears that this game was released in both styles of Acclaim case, regular and wide – though, I am not certain.  My sealed copy very clearly has the regular style case:

All the copies I have seen of Mortal Kombat 3 (regardless of the uncertainly over case style) have come with a vertical “Williams Warranty Registration & Free Drawing” card.


In addition, it appears that a black sticker is covering the acclaim logo. I presume this would also be the case in a wide case-style release.

There are two separate releases of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.  The first release includes a color manual and two inserts.  One insert is a poster for the Midway game NBA Hangtime, and the second insert is a “Williams Warranty Registration & Free Drawing” card.  This registration card is similar to the one included with Mortal Kombat 3; however, the text on the card is read horizontally instead of vertically.


The second release of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 includes a black and white manual and a Midway registration card.

I believe this is also the same Midway registration card that was packed in with the Paper Boy games.

Similar to Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Williams Arcade’s Greatest Hits also has two releases, one with a color manual and one with a black and white manual.  The inserts for each release mirror those of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Also of note, the first release of each game (UMK3 and Williams) has a cardboard tray with white inner cardboard; however, in the second releases the cardboard inside of the slide tray is brown, which is probably more "basic" or slightly cheaper to manufacture.

Color manual release
Black and white manual release

My main goal in this “guide” was to cover Acclaim games, but in the end, I decided I wasn’t able to do that adequately without touching on Arena, Flying Edge, and Williams.  I’m open to improving my guides, and if you see anything that seems off, please post in the thread!

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Great post! I've found your guides very helpful for my collection.

I just wanted to point out though my copy of NFL Quarterback Club 96 does have a wide Acclaim case.

And I've searched ebay and found 3 others with it as well.

Is it possible they released it with the regular Acclaim case and wide case at different times? Thanks!

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