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Extron Super Emotia Downscaler


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To anyone looking. Looks like someone posted a Extron Super Emotia on eBay. I don't know the seller, just have it as a saved search. Not the best price in the world, but the starting bid price is pretty much their going rate these days unless you know someone. This one looks like it has a power supply; Many don't. Even if you don't try and get this one, it's worth keeping in a saved search. They will pop up every now and again like clockwork. It can just take some time for it to happen. 

For people not in the know, the main purpose of this Extron is to convert VGA 480p into RGB 480i, however this particular box are coveted for their 'Non-Interlace' mode that will downscale that VGA 31KHz 480p and turn it into 240p. This feature was taken out on successors to the Emotia so the Super Emotia II and the eXtreme series or whatever it is are going to do your basic VGA 480p to 480i with no 'non-interlaced' mode.

About this unit: 

eBay listing:

Also know there is an alternative to this unit for those just curious about 480p to 240p. The tvONE 1T-C2- 400 is slightly cheaper and based on this thread, recommended for 240p scaling. I own a Emotia so have not tried any of these. 

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