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Snowboard Kids 2 - Cheatsheet Card Insert


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I went on a manual hunting run a couple months ago and managed to pick this up in a lot.  The shop owner just gave me a deal on the stack of probably 20 manuals and a bunch of random inserts.  Anyway, I probably paid $20-30 for the lot and this was definitely the gem of the group.

Anyway, I’ve found manuals for sale but not just this card.  This one is in mint shape. What does it go for? There is one for over $85 and the closest I’ve seen is a related registration card that went for $50.

Any idea what I can get for this?




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6 minutes ago, broncofantd793 said:

I've sold this twice, I think in the $20 to $40 range depending on if SK2 was up or down.  Any chance the registration card for this is hiding in any of the other manuals?

No, I wish.  I had a day off and I simply made my rounds of about 5 game shops and just decided to look for good deals in their piles of paper.  I did this all day, and I thumbed through everything.  I didn't see many registration cards, especially that might have been of any worth.

I definitely would have snatched up a registration card for this!

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