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Mercenary Force Manual (A nice touch!)


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I just received Mercenary Force in the mail with the manual. I imagine more than a few games have had covers with some metallic printing on it, but as I thumbed through the manual, I was surprised to see that every page had a solid, metallic sheen to it.

I just figured I share.  I thought it was a nice touch of detail that definitely wasn’t necessary and I doubt it was a cheap addition.




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6 minutes ago, DoctorEncore said:

Meldac, huh? From the developers of Zombie Nation? I'm sure they made more games, but this is only the second time I've seen that name.

That made only two for the GB.  This and Heiankyo Alien.


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necro bump. Heiankyo Alien has been on my wanlist for a while (just waiting for a good deal on a really nice CIB copy). Gonna have to check out Mercenary Force too. 

Edit: just watched a gameplay video for 2 seconds and yes I need this game. 

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