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Cool Stuff On Heritage Besides Video Games

Sign Collector Guy

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Shifting gears here with a thread dedicated to cool stuff on HA not video game related. I enjoy history and have a collection of militaria and this past sold item is pretty neat. Sold for $162K

D-Day: First American Flag Planted on Normandy Beachhead with August 1944 Newspaper Documentation


Come across a current or past auction item. Share it here!


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Member · Posted
4 hours ago, Sign Collector Guy said:

I agree. Very neat piece that should be on display for everyone. 

Well, it's not just for display.  Places like the Smithsonian have practically warehouses of stuff.  But, the main concern is care and conservation.  There are plenty of collectors that take of their memorabilia, but something like this could be bought by "rich grandpa" and when he passes away, his wealth is distributed, it's lost in the shuffle, thrown in a trunk, moved to a storage shed, etc.

Those type of things happen. And this is almost "national treasure" status, in my book. I'd hate to see something like that happen to it in the next 50-75 years.

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