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Has anyone finished Full Quiet yet on NES? (help!)

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I've made pretty steady progress on it and have sunk a decent number of hours in at this point but I've hit a wall where I cannot figure out the next step...I'm at the point where I'll pop the game in and just wander for an hour without figuring anything new out.

I'm down to 68% static with radio & morse code done at 8 of 9 locations. I feel like I need to do something with the color codes or A.R.K codes but no idea what the next step is there. Also haven't made it to the island yet.

Can anyone throw me a hint?

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Thanks for the reply Ian! I had gathered every weapon already and actually got a little farther on my own after posting that. You still helped me though. The thing I was not understanding was that the 3 colors on the M.I.D correlated to anything...I was trying to input the letters of each color in morse code, ie. R for red, B for blue, etc and totally confused!

I'm down to 39% static now. I think the cliffs is the next big mystery to solve for me. It's gotta be something with the little colored duwagos that peek through the cave doors.

I'm happy to try to help if you get stuck too.

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Played all day yesterday got it down to 14% figured out the island. All I have left is the cliffs the field and rolt. I think your on to something with the colored Duwagos I’m guessing it’s the birds on the posts in the fields. Good luck 

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Nice! I've made it down to 7%. Only area I need to finish is The Cliffs (still no idea what to do there) and Rolt (and any other bosses). I'm going to try to finish it tonight if I can. The island took me a good while to figure out how to enter the color codes. 

I actually figured out the Fields first. I think because I was really struggling to understand how to enter the color codes initially. 

But yeah, this game is pretty amazing! I'm hoping it starts getting more recognition because if it were released in the heyday of the NES, it would no doubt be regarded as one of the best. I don't know the last time I've spent as many hours on a single NES game and been this hooked!

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Finished the game last night! Cliffs took me embarrassingly long to figure out. I actually forgot where the M.I.D was and that I had already found it much earlier. Man, what a game though! This goes up there as one of my favorites of any NES game! 

It gives you a completion rate at the end. Apparently I only found 85% of the secrets but explored 100% of the map.

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Hello there! I've been playing this game and I'm really enjoying it. But I'm stuck and was hoping for some hints... I'm with 59% static, cleared the swamp and the logging, but I can't find the color codes in the crags and the field (I still don't know what to do in other locations, but these two are driving me mad)

I found every item and weapon, except for the Sonic Gun and the only boss I fought was those swamp spirits. There are some strange items dropped by the shy duwagos...

It's a great game, indeed and any assistance would be greatly appreciated! 

On 3/19/2023 at 12:41 PM, Ian Harper said:

Don’t want to spoil it 




On 3/24/2023 at 11:24 AM, Nicktendo said:



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