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Options for adding Namco 163 audio to a homebrew NES game?

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Hey everyone,

After just over 2 months of working in silence, I finally added FamiTone5 support in my homebrew NES game. It was a piece of cake once I came to realize that most FamiTracker music doesn't use just the 5 NES audio channels and can't be used in FamiTone5 apparently.  It seems that GGSound also has the 5 channel restriction?

I think I'm personally fine with this limitation. If I didn't want limitations, I wouldn't be into NES homebrew. However, eventually I'll need to collaborate with a musician who might want a wider sound palette to work with. I'm wondering what is required for a homebrew game to use expansion audio?  Namco 163 is just an example I found in a nice FamiTracker music sample; the question could be considered to be about any expansion audio.



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