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Multiplatform Weekly Contest Round 7: Dance Dance Revolution (PlayStation)

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Member · Posted

Hello and welcome to the seventh round of the Multiplatform Weekly Contest!  This week's game will be Dance Dance Revolution for PlayStation.

- Go to the OPTIONS menu, choose GAME OPTIONS, then turn off "GAME OVER DURING SONG"
- Go back to the main menu and choose GAME MODE (SINGLE)
- Choose any character
- Choose NONSTOP Mode
- Play SIMPLE MIX 2 and take your picture at the results screen.  Be quick!  The results screen only stays up for a few seconds
- Highest score wins

For general contest rules, click here:


1. 58,226,705 (Splain)

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Editorials Team · Posted

I'm usually good at rhythm games but I'm struggling to get a decent PlayStation emulation setup working. I got a terrible first score with lots of delayed inputs, I'm trying to get something a little more functional working.


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Editorials Team · Posted

Can't figure it out, lol. I can get Perfects if I hit just before it sounds like I should, but I can't keep that up when there's a lot of hits in quick succession. Participation score from me lol. D was the best I could do.




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