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So I created my own NES Assembler...


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As the topic says, over the past few weeks I've been making my own NES assembler.  It's my first time writing something in Python.

It's based on the NESASM syntax, which is what I used to make all of my games. I always liked the simplicity of just typing "nesasm FILE" and that's all there is to building a game (provided your code is right).

After getting back into development and looking at NESASM again I realized that there are certain features it was lacking and tried to come up with some ways to make doing certain things somewhat easier.

It's not ready for release yet, but I will say that a few days ago I was able to build all of my games with the new assembler and they built 100% the same byte for byte.

Just thought I'd announce this for any developers looking for a potential new tool.

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