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Game Night 12/10/2022


Game Night 12/10/2022  

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  1. 1. What do we wanna play?

    • Project Winter (Basically Everything, Supports Crossplay)
    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II [2022] (PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Supports Crossplay)
    • Super Tilt Bro. (PC)
    • Payday 2 (PC)
    • Mario Strikers: Battle League (Switch)
    • Splatoon 3 (Switch)

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  • Poll closed on 12/10/2022 at 06:00 AM

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Events Team · Posted
Events Team · Posted
2 minutes ago, AverageOliver98 said:

Is there a chance to sneak an hour of Mario Kart 8 into this game night as well?  New batch of courses releases on the 7th.

Also, when will the next game night after the 10th be? (I assume we're not doing one on the 24th)

We can switch to Mario Kart at some point if everyone wants to during game night, though I usually try to keep it specifically to whichever game(s) were voted on just to keep things consistent.

And I'm not sure yet when the next one will be, whether or not we are doing one on the 24th, I'll have to talk with spacepup and Gloves about it. We might just do what we did last year and just skip that game night, so the next one after this would be on the 7th of January, but again I'll have to talk it over with them and get their thoughts.

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Wow, I didn't think Payday 2 was going to win.  I'll try to be on time tonight, but when I went to install the game a few moments ago, I discovered that Steam is telling me it wants more than 80GB of space, so I'll be having to squeeze in a bunch of extreme hard drive cleanup here, there, and everywhere this evening to ensure I've got both space to install it and time for the download and install to happen.

Edit:  Well, cleanup went faster than anticipated, so install is beginning.  Per Steam, with my connection maxed out, it'll be like an hour and a half just to download it, and it's saying ~4.25 hours for complete install.  Woof.  Fingers crossed there's no unnecessary slowdowns.

Edit 2:  Ok, crisis averted, just got back into the house and had a chance to check up on things, and it appears that the install finished about an hour ago, so ~2 hours for me to download and install (at a consistent average of ~7MB/s down).  Anybody planning to play tonight who doesn't have this installed already should hop to it if they want in before it gets too late!

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@darkchylde28@spacepup@Gloves@FireHazard51@Mega Tank@cosmicjim@AverageOliver98@SNESNESCUBE64

Thanks everyone for stopping by, as always! Was nice getting to play one of my personal favorite games of the last several years with you all, even if I was severely out of practice, haha.

@Mega Tank @spacepup @Jeevan @Deadeye @fox @Vectrex28 @0xDEAFC0DE@DefaultGen@Gloves @Avgn Gamer @drxandy @SailorScoutMandy@ZeldaFan042 @BattySalem @Rhapsody98 @darkchylde28 @KokiriChild @Reed Rothchild @neodolphino @FireHazard51 @AverageOliver98 @nettenette @B.A. @Murray @a3quit4s @zi @G-type @ninjistar @Brickman @Aguy @Splain @Sumez @Hybrid @chair

Also, just so you all know, if we kept game nights going at their current schedule, the next game night would end up being on Christmas Eve, which is a time when a good amount of you will probably be a little busy. As such, we decided to go ahead and do the same thing we did last year and temporarily pause game night until 2023. This means that the next poll will be on December 31st, and the next game night will be on January 7th, 2023. So, see you all then! 👍

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