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Hello from the middle of nowhere!

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Based in Indiana, I’ve spent much of the past few years growing an N64 and Gamecube centric collection since discovering NA in 2016. While handhelds (GBC, Switch) combine with N64 to be my most treasured collectibles, I’m transitioning back towards playing more than collecting. 

Looking forward to using the site to unearth the last 10 items or so I want for the collection while also digging into the backlog of games I have to play from NES to PS4 and maybe even (gasp) XBoxOne.

Overall, I’m happy to be here!

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5 hours ago, epiclotus said:

Welcome!  I really dig the N64 and the GC, too.  I just started building my GC collection in the last year, and I really enjoyed playing through Luigi's Mansion for the first time.  What's your favorite games on the system?

Tube Slider, Cubivore, and Lugi’s Mansion are some of my favorite’s. Some stuff on other consoles like Backyard Baseball, Beyond Good and Evil, and NFL Blitz have also been ‘Gamecube’ games to me. 

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