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if I remove all of the context clues and only show a limited view of the face, a normally very familiar game character can become a mystery. 
I thought it will be fun to quiz yall with a few of these each week


#1 0630A23B-517A-422B-9755-461E49F052E4.jpeg.09157945d84308985dd87a6d54a10181.jpeg

All answers are below (HIDDEN):


1 Super Mario Famicom
2 Bad Dudes NES
3 Adventure Island NES
4 Double Dragon NES
5 Battletoads NES
6 Astyanax NES
7 Krion Conquest NES
8 Mega Man NES
10 Carmen San Diego NES
11 Bayou Billy NES
12 yo Noid NES
Tulpa - Zen Intergalactic Ninja NES 
13 Rad Gravity NES
14 Burai Fighter NES
15 Earthworm Jim Genesis
16 Isolated Warrior NES
17 Flintstones 1 NES
18 Zombie Nation
19 1943 NES
20 Golden Axe 2 Genesis
21 8 Eyes NES
22 3D World Runner NES
23 Clash at Demonhead NES
24 Bomberman NES



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On 11/12/2022 at 1:08 AM, phart010 said:

Haha how’d you know it so quickly?

Honestly im not exactly sure why but i had adv. island in my mind as the answer 3 seconds after I looked, it is in the top of my personal nostalgia rankings so i guess my subconscious knew it lol

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