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NES Earth Bound Label Release [from the Mother To Earth Documentary]


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[DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with the Mother To Earth documentary in any way]


Some years ago, there was the Mother To Earth documentary, which was all about Earth Bound for the NES, the Nintendo of America JRPG that never was. In it was a mockup box, based on a description given by Phil Sandhop, the English Script Writer for the game.



It has bothered me for years that the original cover for this game still has not surfaced, more than 30 years after its cancellation. Not even a Vidpro card has been found.

Inspired by the mockup box shown in the documentary, I stitched together this label below, for now this is likely the closest we'll ever get to the original intended label art for this game. This label should print to the correct size to fit a real NES cartridge, set to 300 DPI.




This is a Videogamesage community release. Please use this to replace your incorrect all-red EarthBound Zero labels to preserve the real history and legacy of the NES's most famous unreleased game.

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