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VGS Bingo 2022 - Post-mortem


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Aaand that's a wrap, everyone! Thank you very very much to those who participated! I really hope you all had fun with this, it was in the works for quite awhile.

Several of you got bingos, a few of you got crosses, and one of you even got an outline a lattice! No blackouts this year unfortunately, but hey, there's always next year!

In terms of secret charms... honestly, I was quite surprised by how long it took for you guys to start getting them, haha. I guess I spread out all the challenges on the sheet better than I thought! Several of you were only one away from getting one, or even multiple of them! Unfortunately, a couple of these charms ended up being unclaimed, but that's alright. The secret charms this year you could think of as a spin-off of the 2020 Bingo's secret charms. They're still based on completing specific challenges in specific categories, however this year, each charm was based on one of the VGS mascots, and by extension, each challenge related to the mascots in one form or another. The mascots being a part of the Bingo card's design was a nice touch, as their presence gave you all a very subtle hint as to what the secret charms were, they were hiding in plain sight all along 馃槈

The secret charms this year, and how to get them, were as follows:

image.png.28b6f0b6f5802264a719167192da0a | The Alchemist (Complete all 5 challenges related to creating or modifying games and software)

image.png.6cb6524a53d8c3fef8cf92368fd9e1 | The Blacksmith (Complete all 5 challenges related to fixing or modifying hardware)

image.png.5519cbc139d4bab8751b1354176a09 | The Dragon (Complete all 5 challenges related to collecting)

image.png.1874ca68b7f082c8458e70debf9fff | The Knight (Complete all 5 challenges related to playing games)

image.png.871e107c7189c9e25a546dba78b7a0 | The Fairy (Complete all 5 challenges related to the community and VGS itself)

This is also why there wasn't a free space for this year's Bingo, each mascot's charm needed to have 5 challenges, haha. These charms, along with the standard tiered charms, haven't been implemented as actual charms on the site yet, but the designs have been completed so we'll make sure to get these out to you all very soon!

Of course, if any of you have any feedback you'd like to give, that's always greatly greatly appreciated. Keeping in mind of course that a blackout (or even an outline) is meant to be very tough, how did a week feel for the event? Did that feel like a good amount of time, or did it feel too short? Likewise, how was the overall difficulty of the challenges? Too easy, too difficult, fair? What was your favorite (and least favorite) challenge to complete? Any and all feedback you all can provide helps give me an idea of any changes I should implement going forward, as I'm planning on having these
Bingo events be a consistent, yearly thing. So if you have any thoughts on the event, good or bad, and how it compared to the previous two Bingo events, please do share!

Now, with all that said and done, here is the full list of how everyone did, who gained what charms, and below that, the full challenge list, including which challenges correlated to which secret charms!

Final Tally:
















Mega Tank:












Gaia Gensouki:
















  • drxandy:
    Secret: The Blacksmith
  • TDIRunner:
  • Mega Tank:
  • Splain:
  • nesmaster14:
  • RegularGuyGamer:
    Secret: The Blacksmith
  • Gaia Gensouki:
    Secret: The Knight
  • JamesRobot:
    Secret: The Dragon
  • Jicsan:
    Secret: The Dragon
  • ZeldaFan042:
    Secret: The Dragon
  • darkchylde28:
    Secret: The Dragon

Full Challenges & Secret Charms List:


The Alchemist

Pixels > Polygons (Create an 8-bit or 16-bit sprite of any character from a 3D game)

What If (Re-create the logo of a 16-bit game, but in a completely different style/font to the original)

Reimagined (Modify an existing song from a video game to be in a completely different musical style to the original. IE if a song has a lighthearted happy feel to it, modify it to have a darker, more serious tone, but still be identifiable as the same song)

Pr0fe55i0na1 H4ck3r (Alter the code of an already existing game to display your VGS username on the title screen instead of the title of the game)

Pew (Create a basic Shoot 'Em Up game)
The Blacksmith

Tools Of The Trade (Show off a tool or set of tools you have used to clean, repair, or modify a game, console, or controller in the past)

Clean As A Whistle (Clean a game, console, or controller you own that's incredibly dirty, making it look far better afterwards)

Fresh Coat Of Paint (Show off a console or controller you own that has a custom paint job)

New And Improved (Show off a console or controller you own that has been intentionally physically modified in some way. IE different analog sticks, new backlight/frontlight, etc)

Good As New (Show off a game, console, or controller you own that has been repaired by you after previously being non-functional)
The Dragon

Souvenir (Share your favorite item in your collection related to a specific game or franchise that isn't, itself, a game. This could be a poster, book, figurine, etc)

Done Deal (Participate in a trade on VGS)

Across The Pond (Show off an item in your collection that is from a different country than the one you live in)

Glamour Shot (Take a stylized, over the top photo of a console you own that was released in 1990 or earlier)

It Belongs In A Museum (Show off an item in your collection that was never officially released. IE prototype, not for resale game, unreleased game, etc)
The Knight

Genesis Does (Beat a Sega Genesis game)

Game Night (Play a game online with at least 1 other VGS user)

Cross Your Heart (Beat a classic Castlevania game)

NINTENDO SIXTY-FOOOUUUR (Submit a game to the Beat Every N64 Game - 2022 thread on VGS)

It's Dangerous To Go Alone (Complete a swordless run of The Legend of Zelda)
The Fairy

Casual Art (Create a pixel art drawing of another VGS user's profile picture)

Diamond In The Rough (Write a review blog on a game you like from a series you otherwise dislike)

How Charming (Claim a charm on VGS)

Supportive (Be a VGS subscriber)

Homegrown (Show off a physical copy of a homebrew game you own that was made by a member(s) of VGS, or that was created in partnership with VGS)

Once again, I hope you all enjoyed and had a good time. That's all that matters in the end!

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I love VGS bingo! 聽I really enjoy seeing the variety and creativity everyone had. One week is about right. If I鈥檇 only had one more day off work. However, I probably couldn鈥檛 have done聽It鈥檚 Dangerous to Go Alone聽even if the event was a month long lol.聽

Thanks @ZeldaFreak聽for the event! I had so much fun! 聽And thanks to all the participants too!!

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