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Q&A: What's inside the DS Lite GBA Slot Adapter?


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If you have a DS Lite, you may have noticed that there's an insert/cover for the GBA slot.  It's not just a plastic insert, but you can see that it's a PCB card.  Someone asked this question at gaming.stackexchange.com, and I figured I'd move the question from there to here, and post the photos I've taken, in case anyone else is curious but it to lazy to check themselves.  Here are the photos below.

IMG_2267.thumb.JPG.0ce0e4810a7d05fabf2fd495b1722dfc.JPG  IMG_2266.thumb.JPG.d75f1395204762e398e1e8671f08828b.JPG

IMG_2268.thumb.JPG.7ee08b7ebb22b460d6dc47898a0dbfcb.JPG  IMG_2269.thumb.JPG.1a979b7e347131f0275e0c1c8732fba1.JPG  IMG_2270.thumb.JPG.44c2b2c7b9c1b7f55259e251634e9409.JPG

Original Stack Exchange question: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/359970/whats-inside-a-ds-lite-slot-cover

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8 minutes ago, Splain said:

Looks like every pin has a trace leading to... nothing at all. Weird. I wonder what makes that a better cover than just plastic? Maybe the "bite" of the pins helps hold it in place?

I thought that and, maybe, metal-against-metal is better to prevent long-term corrosion.  I'm not sure of that last possibility but as an educated guess, it makes sense to me.  The silk-screened metal-layer does look over-engineered for such a pointless device, though.

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