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VGS Bingo 2022 - Submissions Thread [ENDED]


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Events Team · Posted
9 minutes ago, Jicsan said:

I should have a cross now.  


On 10/19/2022 at 10:06 PM, ZeldaFreak said:

A cross or an X would both qualify, a T wouldn't, I modified that from the original 2020 Bingo since the T felt like a bit of a stretch to me for that tier, haha.

I was gonna quote this post and explain that I decided a T wouldn't qualify for the cross/X tier, which is what I originally decided on when I was coming up with the challenges and whatnot. But y'know what, thinking about it now?

That's stupid.

So, while I normally don't do this, I'm actually gonna rescind that change and allow a T like what you did @Jicsan to count for the cross/X charm, so with that, you are the first person to accomplish that, congrats! I think you might actually have the most tiles cleared out of anyone so far, keep up the good work! Only 6 away from an outline if you wanna go for the tier 3 charm 😉

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Events Team · Posted
On 10/17/2022 at 9:33 PM, spacepup said:

Hello!  So I'll start with just one for now, and add some more later as I get time.


1. Casual Art - Create a pixel art drawing of another VGS user's profile picture

Ok, so I'm no grand pixel artist...BUT, I've been inspired by @Splain's profile picture because I LOVE Neverhood!

So here is my horrible attempt:


I basically tried to re-style his character (left), but in the theme of the Neverhood box art (right).  




2. Game Night - Play a game online with at least 1 other VGS user


Played Jackbox for a couple hours the other night, with @Jeevan, @drxandy, @Rhapsody98, and @SailorScoutMandy (just in case they are doing bingo 🙂  )


3.  Homegrown - Show off a physical copy of a homebrew game you own that was made by a member(s) of VGS, or that was created in partnership with VGS



4.  Across the Pond - Show off an item in your collection that is from a different country than the one you live in



5. Souvenir - Share your favorite item in your collection related to a specific game or franchise that isn't, itself, a game. This could be a poster, book, figurine, etc

I can't really pick an absolute top #1 of all time favorite, but here are a couple that are up in the running:



Both Okami and Psychonauts are some of my favorite games of all time.  I think the art in Okami is just beautiful, and I love the main character.  The figure is really nice and once I get more organized I'll pull him out of the box.

The Psychonauts poster, I think is just super duper duper cool and I love the style of it!

6. Tools of the Trade - Show off a tool or set of tools you have used to clean, repair, or modify a game, console, or controller in the past


These are just some of the tools I use frequently.  The sponge-looking item on the right, is great for gently cleaning grime and dirt off at items, and the brushes are different level of 'fine'ness for brushing off loose debris.  I use the magnifier ALL the time for identifying things, and then my absolute favorite of these tools is the flexible holder on the right.  You can put various tools standing up in it, so you can have them all handy while working on a project - it's great!

7. It Belongs in a Museum - Show off an item in your collection that was never officially released. IE prototype, not for resale game, unreleased game, etc

This is a Press Kit for Uncharted that afaik was never 'released' for public.  I really like this one because it is just put together so well and in style with the game, and has lots of neat little things inside.








Glad to see you knocking out a few more challenges, you're pretty close to bingo there!

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Member · Posted
3 hours ago, Splain said:

Just doing some Casual Art this morning. With @Aguy's profile pic.





Made entirely with default MSPaint colors. It's been nice knowing you all, I'll give you a shout-out when my career as a graphic artist hits it peak.

Mmm... She's so beautiful... I must give you something for your trouble... Hmm... Well, it looks like I have is this broom... How'll that be?

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Events Team · Posted

New submissions all looking good!

@drxandy, even if you can't complete NINTENDO SIXTY-FOOOUUUR, there's a few other avenues for getting bingo I see on your sheet! Could do Casual Art and Cross Your Heart if you're feeling confident you could beat a Castlevania game, or you could do Pixels > Polygons and Done Deal, could always trade something with Mandy to get that done quickly. You've cleared so many challenges so far, I know you've got it in you to do at least a couple more!

Anyway, with that said,

@Gloves@Jicsan@DefaultGen@RH@Splain@TDIRunner@Avgn Gamer@Mega Tank@Gaia Gensouki@darkchylde28@LutherDestroysTheGond@ZeldaFan042@drxandy@Aguy@JamesRobot@nesmaster14@spacepup

Just a reminder to everyone that


If you want to clear any more challenges, now's the time to do so, you all have until 12 AM EST! Once the clock strikes 12, that'll be the cut-off point for new submissions. Clear as many challenges as you can until then, I want to see one final push from you all!

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Mega Tank's Bingo Card


Casual Art

@docile tapeworm





How Charming

Own 25+ Imports. More on the way thanks to... @Splain

Done Deal

Trading some Fami games with @Splain for a mystery box of snacks and drinks!

Good As New

Some time long ago... when I used to actually try to repair stuff and was genuinely interested in bringing stuff back to life... I ended up picking up this Jungle Green N64 controller at 8 Bit Hall of Fame (RIP, recently flooded out due to Hurricane Ian). I purchased the controller and it was loose, but I decided that for what the store was asking, I'd get it as it was I believe completing my set of 4. I bought some after market thumbstick replacement and repaired it with ease. The stick works well and it hasn't seen many hours as you can tell by the clean stick.



I don't want to bore anyone with the details, so I'll give you the short version. Out of state, drove around at least 100 miles scoping out stores for the retro store thread and I found a store that was willing to sell their sign. I saw this sign at night and that's the picture of it hanging from the store window. I had to have it. Easy enough negotiation, and this was at the time and continues to be my favorite item. I was lucky enough to buy this sign and this store was bought out months later. This store was purchased by another store chain that had absolutely terrible customer service. They didn't get this sign though! 😏 Unfortunately, this piece has not been displayed for a little bit, but that will soon change!



With that...

 matthew bingo GIF

I wanted to beat Castlevania, but the week just flew by. Oh well!


---Misc Squares---




Tools of the Trade



Glamour Shot


@drxandy This repair has your name written all over it if you are up for the challenge. My childhood GameBoy!



@Vectrex28 made this game!


Also, thanks for the event @ZeldaFreak

Last quick question, waiting on @Splain to "like" my post. Since I "liked" his post confirming the trade, that counts for both right?

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@ZeldaFreakThanks! I'll do Diamond in the Rough later on so that I can secure a cross. Yesterday I tried my hand at GameMaker to fulfill the requirements for Pew, but it's not something that I could learn in one evening or so. Too bad that I have to work this weekend or I would have invested more time.

As for the Mario Kart tournament I decided to change the time to 6 pm EST, so that the submissions will still count for the Bingo. I'm really sorry for the constant back and forth. So if anybody still wants to or has the time to participate, the code is: 5432-0711-1211

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Member · Posted
2 hours ago, Gaia Gensouki said:

As for the Mario Kart tournament I decided to change the time to 6 pm EST,

I did bring my switch to work today (don’t tell ‘em) so I will try to join.   I appreciate you trying to accommodate me though, that was cool of you. But you know I don’t need  the extra square and I’d rather a larger pool of vgs-ers be able to get it done. 

Edited by Jicsan
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Events Team · Posted
6 minutes ago, DefaultGen said:

I’m sorry my dudes, I got covid and can’t do anything this week 😭 Just resting and getting better. 

Aw man, sorry to hear that! Hopefully you'll get better quick. And no worries about not being able to participate, there's always next year!

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Member · Posted
1 hour ago, DefaultGen said:

I’m sorry my dudes, I got covid and can’t do anything this week 😭 Just resting and getting better. 

Hope it didn't hit you too hard and you don't feel too bad man!! Speedy recovery. We just got it toooooo 😕Toward the end of it over here and just starting to get smell back.. all the days are blending together now

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Events Team · Posted

About 5 hours to go before the end of the event, get those new submissions in while you can! Even if it doesn't necessarily contribute towards a bingo, if a challenge seems reasonably easy to complete, it may be worth doing anyway!

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Member · Posted
15 minutes ago, Gaia Gensouki said:

I had a disconnect and then everything was gone. If I host it and have a disconnect, does this mean that everyone else is also thrown out?

If you're still playing, I'll join again. I left because everyone was either done or chose to leave a little early (or were put in a different group?).

Edited by MegaMan52
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17 minutes ago, Gaia Gensouki said:

@ZeldaFan042 I had a disconnect and then everything was gone. If I host it and have a disconnect, does this mean that everyone else is also thrown out?

I disconnected too, but I was able to reconnect and play for a bit after, but then everyone left, so I am playing with @BattySalem right now. I could hop back in if people want to play more

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Ok so I think this is all of em. Sorry I don't have more free time in my personal life to do more of the fun ones, or beat any vidya games. 

Good as new. Idk if this counts but this box was completely smashed and ripped. I ironed and meticulously taped it back together and iron some more. Overall, I'm really glad how it came out and it's one of the few I actually still have the before shot of.


Tools of the trade. I use these guys all the time.


Nintendo sixty foouurrt. F it. Just break destruction derby. 


Souvenir. I've shown these before but they're still one of my favorite gaming related items. I'm a sucker for Christmas themed nostalgia.


Across the pond


Fresh coat of pain. I hydro dipped these and then had them laser engraved. This is actually one of the odd advantages of working at a HS - I have access all the tech department's goodies and we have a hell of a tech department.


Good as new

I bought this broken. Turned out it needed a new battery which I had to open her up for and clean the contacts to the charge port.


Homegrown. Granted this is before the Sage turned into the mascot lol


New and improved. This is a HDMI modded N64 w the Ultra in it. The pic is of the mini HDMI out the back


Glamour shot of my Atari 2600. I did my best to make it sexy 



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Events Team · Posted

Heeere we go, there's that final push I was hoping for! I'll track everyone's new submissions up momentarily!

23 minutes ago, Splain said:

Also, man, I'm sad we didn't get a new @CasualCart Bingo vid this year 😔

Oh well, there's always next year!

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