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VGS Bingo 2022 [ENDED]


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1 hour ago, Gaia Gensouki said:

So I've just opened a VGS Tournament for sunday night. It should be central 10 pm, if my time zone conversion calculation is correct. Of course, I could still change the time, depending on your feedback.

It's available via code: 5432-0711-1211

That's very late. I'd be interested in playing earlier.

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40 minutes ago, Gaia Gensouki said:

I based my suggestion upon Jicsan's feedback that he only has time past 9 pm central.

So what would be a good time frame for the tournament?

Oh no, you do you. I am just saying it's too late for me. Don't adjust for just me. I'd be down to play earlier.

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Administrator · Posted
1 minute ago, Gaia Gensouki said:

I just realized that today we only have until 12 am est, so that's like only 5 hours left? I wish there were a clock on this site with the current time and timezone.

There is:



That said, 12am is midnight.

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Events Team · Posted

Yeah @Gaia Gensouki, the reason I always do EST for events like this is because that's the timezone used on the clock on VGS, just makes it a bit more convenient for everyone so we don't have to worry about timezones and whatnot, everyone can just refer to the clock on the site itself 👍

And yeah, like Gloves said, 12 AM is midnight, haha.

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