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VGS Bingo 2022 Coming 10/16/2022


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That's right, the next Bingo event is here! Or, rather, it WILL be soon. Hosted by yours truly, we're kicking off the new wave of VGS events with a bang by starting out with the next iteration of the (hopefully, if we can keep coming up with good challenge ideas, haha) annual VGS Bingo! This will be essentially the same format as the FIRST Bingo that @Gloves hosted back in 2020, and some of the challenges this time around will be just as tough (or, dare I say... perhaps even a bit tougher?) so many of your skills will most certainly be tested if you plan on blacking out the entire board! This event will have a few secret charms in addition to the usual line, cross, box, & blackout charms, just like the first Bingo, and it will last for one week, just like the previous two Bingos. But regardless of whether or not you've participated in either of the two Bingo events we've done thus far, we hope you'll be looking forward to this one! And of course, special thanks to @CasualCart & @BortLicensePlate for the incredible art!

And trust me, this is only the beginning of a whole host of events we're in the process of planning out, all of which will be hosted by me. Many of the events that will be coming up over the next year will be more varied than ever, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you all will enjoy some of the ideas we've been coming up with to keep things fresh!

But of course, that's all in the future, for now let's focus on the present. 10/16/2022, mark your calendars!

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