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FDS Development Disk


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I was browsing around the internet, looking for unlicensed games, when I can across something kinda neat on Ruten. An FDS Development Disk with an ID code of K057G06. I'm not really into prototypes but I do know these are a bit uncommon. I think that ID code means it is one from Sunsoft, though I'm not sure on that. The seller's asking price is 8000 NTD, or just a bit over 250 USD. That sounds like a lot of money, but prototypes sometimes go for higher prices, so maybe it is worth it to someone here


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1 hour ago, Ankos said:

Looks like I need to make a correction. That ID code appears on this Eggerland proto, so I guess not everything that has it is by Sunsoft.



When it comes to these development disks, it's really hot or miss...there's a lot of them out there, and if the disk is blank, then it's not worth much aside from what anyone would pay for a blank development disk.

Some stuff like this was sold on eBay a year or so back fairly cheaply, some of those were not blank and others were.

While this sort of disk isn't the sort of thing that can be easily faked, I know this seller, well not personally but I have bought from them before. Some of the other items they are selling are extremely misleading or questionable in my mind, such that I personally try to avoid them. 

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