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Worlds of Power! - Fun young readers, memories? I found one.

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It has been years since I've seen one locally, and it was a truly battered Blaster Master I couldn't pay up for.  Today did the 1/2 off coupon at a half price books, they had Before Shadowgate on the shelf in really nice shape for the age as it's intact and not ripped/written in.  It's #8 in the series and back in the 80s/90s I used to have most of them including the larger Mega Man 2 book too.  I've thought about getting them again through ebay or whatever but never had the luck.

I think I did well, pretty sure it's one of the rarer ones people pay up for so I'm very well keeping it and the cover art is borrowed from the NES game so I like that gargoyle on there.

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2 hours ago, Bearcat-Doug said:

Are they worth anything? I had the entire set which also might be at my dad's house. 

The cheapest ones (Ninja Gaiden and Blaster Master) are worth around $10 shipped or local to save shipping.  The others seem to get like $15-25 for the next few.  Shadowgate unless you get lucky seems to get a little bit higher than the others of the original set of 8.  Then there were two junior readers bigger in dimensions and larger print for Mega Man 2 which is cheap, but the (like shadowgate) lower run last book Bases Loaded can get really expensive as it turns up not much at all (currently not even a sold or ignored one on ebay.)


Back in the day I got them at those old scholastic book fairs as a kid.  I know I had MM2 of the larger print even if it was easy just because it was Mega Man 2.  The standard books I know I had Castlevania II, Ninja Gaiden, Metal Gear, Blaster Master, and I think I had Wizards and Warriors.  I never did get Bionic Commando, Infiltrator, or Shadowgate so that one is a new read for me for casual fun.  They're all around 110-130pages each about so it's an easy hour read for light fun.

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