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Suikoden I & II HD Remaster Announced


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I might be in the minority but the heavy pixel graphics over the enhanced environments are a bit hard to look at.

I mean, great for you all that loved these games and have hoped for something like this but, IMHO, you're general pixel density needs to match or it's otherwise quite distracting.

Maybe that's the last thing in their list to upgrade.  I do like the look of everything else and I've enjoyed the Suikoden II OST for ages.

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I never played them when they were new or the decades since.  I've seen a good bit of love and disinterest so I just never made the time.  When this gets closer to release if my time allows it I may bite.  As it is I'm sitting on the Switch release of Chrono Cross untouched due to other more 90s based commitments I have on the shelf 🙂

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Fair statement.  When I gave up having sony stuff earlier this year, some prices on games were a partial consideration, not so much as I just didn't have the time or care anymore.  I had been curious and it looked nice, but I wasn't going to hack my psone combo and get burns so it was a no go.

This, like Chrono Cross make things possible, and it's good it's happening.  Switch is getting up there in years but it keeps getting some very big heavies both new and new-old stock like this dual title...and that's fine given the medium no matter what the trollkins around there say.

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On 9/16/2022 at 1:09 PM, MrWunderful said:

What systems? Cant watch the video right now

Thankfully it's on the only one that matters, the PS4.  You know, so you can get the trophies?  Otherwise you might has well just play the PS1 originals (on a PSIO equipped system of course; as I imagine like most JRPGs on the PS1, the original discs are priced like they're made of gold or something)

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