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Does anybody know anything about Game & Watch?


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I'm trying to gain more information, because while (paid) solutions seem plentiful, explanations seem scarce. I figure someone somewhere must know what's up, and maybe they can share their info.

I'm trying to understand if there is a specific kind of material used for the polarizing filter and silver reflector in a Game & Watch game. Frequently, you see one or both of these being dirty, sun-damaged, water-damaged, what-have-you, and the screen is just hard to see until you replace one or both parts.

What confuses me is that both items seem to be in plentiful supply from sellers online, yet I cannot find any info on what makes these different or special vs. some other material. I would guess, given the still ubiquitous nature of simple liquid-crystal displays, that the items are easily acquired. What I want to know is, what exactly are the materials that sellers are offering?

Moreover, if somebody could share a guide on what kinds of polarizing filters and what kinds of reflectors are out there, that would be great too. I've tried looking around at different guides, but I can't readily find info on this stuff.

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