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SNES Miracle Piano value CIB?


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I have the NES Miracle Piano with separate conversion kit CIB.  I think the NES version goes for $100-$250 depending on condition & completeness.  The SNES version could get a similar price.  I'm not sure if the NES or SNES version of the Miracle Piano is rarer or how many of each were made that were specifically compatible with the NES or SNES.  I think most Miracle Piano kits were compatible with PC/MAC making those the more common version.

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I can't give an accurate price estimate, but over the last decade, the SNES Miracle Piano game / set has consistently sold for more than the NES counterpart, FYI. I thought I'd saved some sales data, but unfortunately not. I would price it at 1.5-2x going rate for a NES set in similar condition/completeness and go from there.

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