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WTB: Gamecube - Saturn - DC games, Genesis + manuals - Gizmondo


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Let's work out a deal! I'm looking for:


Saturn: (no broken cases)

Daytona CCE (disc only)

Galactic Attack

Highway 2000

Road Rash

Sega Touring Car Championship

Virtua Cop 2

Virtua Racing



18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker


Gamecube: (Black Label, CIB w/ Nintendo Power pamphlet if applicable)


Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door

Star Fox Assault

Viewtiful joe

Wario Ware


Genesis (CIB)

Fire Shark



Genesis Manuals:

Adventures of Batman & Robin

Shinobi 3

Steel Empire

Streets of Rage 2




Classic Compendium

Classic Compendium 2

Interstellar Flames 2

Pocket Ping Pong 2005


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