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Game Night Random August Raffle! @drxandy - A Winner is You!


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Administrator · Posted

Hello folks!  Just in case anyone may miss it from the 08/06 game night thread, I wanted to share here, that I'll be doing a small raffle this month, since August is my birthday month and just because! 

Basically, anyone who participates in either of the August game nights, 08/06 or 08/20, will be entered into a raffle for a small prize (think somewhere in the $20-30 range). 

I'll announce the participants and winner later this month.  

We do plan on doing some more fun giveaways and events in the future, to thank people for hanging out with us, but this is just something small and fun to start with.

Just let me know if you have any questions.  If you haven't joined us for game night before, please check us out! It's always a good time and we have lots of fun.

There is still a little bit of time to vote on this Saturday's option:




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Administrator · Posted


So we've gone through and pulled a list of the people who participated in at least one of the two August game nights:

@Jeevan @AverageOliver98 @SNESNESCUBE64 @ZeldaFan042 @BattySalem @Hybrid @FireHazard51 @Rhapsody98 @Mega Tank @drxandy @Aguy @Gloves @spacepup

@ZeldaFreak (host)

First - thank you for joining and hanging out with us!  I really appreciate people joining our game nights and having fun.

I'll do a raffle soon with a random winner selected from the above list (excluding myself), and you'll win a small prize of one a few options (again, think small range, about $20-$30-ish).

I believe we captured everyone, but if you did participate and don't see your name in the above list, please let me know as soon as possible! 

Thanks again everyone and I'll post an update soon.

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Administrator · Posted

Alrighty folks!  So I made a fancy wheel of names, and excluded Gloves, myself, and ZeldaFreak from the raffle (sorry guys!), and the lucky winner is.....................

@drxandy !!


Congratulations Andy!

Please select your choice of the following prizes:

1. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for Switch

2. Sackboy for PS5

3. $35 Nintendo eShop Gift Card

4. Random mystery box of goods found around my workshop (could be good, could be bad, who knows!)

Please let me know your choice, and thank you all very much for hanging out with us!

I hope to do some more fun events in the future, to thank you all for joining the Game Nights and hanging out with us.

And to everyone else - good luck next time, and have a great weekend! 🙂


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  • The title was changed to Game Night Random August Raffle! @drxandy - A Winner is You!
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Mystery box reveal!

Holy moly so much stuff!!

First off I was greeted by this fella


Lil ufo guy on the right about to blast right up into em ooof amazing. Another sheet below it included polygonal tiddies. Amazing.

Let the stuff rainnnnn



I don't even know where to begin but the whole box made me laugh, so many cute and silly things. Thank you again pup for the kindnesssss!!

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