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Selling SNES boxes, games and some manuals (finetuning my collection)


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Hi, my name is SuperMetroidMan and I have been collecting video games since 2019. At one point in time, I was trying to go for a full SNES set CIB. This led to purchasing a bunch of SNES games that I did not value as much as others. I am trying to finetune my collection to get SNES and NES games that I care about more. Please see the table below and let me know if there is an interest in purchasing any of the games.


  • I did my best to determine the status of the items (Poor, Acceptable, Good, Very Good or Excellent) 
  • C = Game , I = Manual B = Box
    • I do not have any posters or other addons
    • B&W = Black and White Manual
  • I may be a bit slower to respond during the weekdays
  • PM me for pictures or interest
  • Strikethrough on claimed or sold 


Game Status Game Manual Box
AAHH!! real monsters B     Acceptable
Aladdin IB   Poor Acceptable
Batman forever B     Good
Battleship B     Good
Battletoads/Double Dragon B     Acceptable
Beavis and Buthead IB   Acceptable Good
Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball B     Acceptable
Chuck Rock CIB Very Good Good Good
Earthworm Jim 2 CB Acceptable   Good
Frantic Flea B     Very Good
Goof Troop B     Good
Hit the Ice B     Poor
Judge Dredd CIB Good Very Good Very Good
Jurassic Park B     Poor
Lagoon CIB Poor Acceptable Good - Sun Faded
Mario's Early Years! Fun with Numbers IB   Acceptable Good
Monopoly IB   Acceptable Acceptable
NFL Quarterback club 96 B     Good
Pac-Attack CIB Very Good Excellent Very Good
Paperboy 2 B     Good
Pilotwings CIB Very Good Very Good Very Good
Pitfall: The Myan Adventure CIB Good Very Good - B&W Acceptable
Porky Pigs Haunted Holiday B     Poor
Ren and Stimpy Show Veediots CIB Very Good Very Good Acceptable
Skyblazer B     Acceptable/ Good
Speedy Gonzales B     Poor
Spindizzy Worlds CIB Good Acceptable Very Good
Super Aquatic Game B     Good
Super Mario World 2 Yoshi Island B     Poor
Super Strike Eagle B     Poor
Taz-mania IB   Very Good -B&W Acceptable
The Jungle book IB   Good Acceptable
The Lion King IB   Poor Acceptable
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends B     Acceptable
Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle Games IB   Good - B&W Poor
Tom and Jerry IB   Very Good - B&W Good
Toy Story B     Good
Wario's Woods B     Poor
We’re Back!: A Dinosaur’s Story B     Poor
World soccer 94 B     Good




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