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NES asian nesa-001 complete "action set" valuation? Seems hard to find online


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I have a boxed Asian version NES "Action pack". The outer box is in nigh on perfect condition, perfect polys, console/controllers VGC, manuals, zapper etc. All look basically untouched. 

Does anyone have any clue how much this would actually be worth? I'm finding it extremely hard to find another recent example of this version selling online, they just don't seem to pop up. There's a reddit post from 2016 and then not much else. Would be helpful to know, or if someone knows of a price chart someplace covering this sort of thing that would have the current value? 

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Why does everyone always  care about getting top dollar for everything? I'll trade you this for my CIB HK Gameboy machine, let's do it.

In actuality these are all mass produced items, just larger regions getting larger production than smaller regions. If Wata has taught us anything, it's that true rarity is not going to trump popularity, in terms of value and price.


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@Miskatonic Sorry to hear that, and good on you parting it out while you're still able to so those bills don't eat them up in life and after death.  fcgamer is right though too, just him, myself, many others here just aren't too cozy with people trying to squeeze every penny as that's what ebay is for, was at least, given recent changes.

There aren't a lot of asia area collectors here, he's one of them though, usually on bootleg side though. 🙂  If you can't figure out a value from ebay sale or at least failed posted but unsold, a good move would be reddit for /NES /gamecollecting /retrogaming and others of that sort to get a ballpark figure.  What you have looks nice and clean, pretty complete probably short a few lame bags, twist ties maybe a sheet of paper or two so that's a good thing as it's clean.

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I'm not listing on ebay I don't think as I would rather it goes to someone who would appreciate it not just a flipper. I'm not looking for top dollar I just don't want to totally undersell (or oversell, but that's less likely) it. I just want it gone just like the rest of my junk - at a reasonable price to a reasonable person. I just can't seem to find any information as such about this model, I will check out reddit as there doesn't seem to be much on ebay at all and, yes, it's in vgc throughout (minus the child murdering* plastic bags and the twist ties). 

*potentially, apparently, or at the very least "self murdering"

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I can say this much, it's at least worth minimally a few hundred dollars.  The only online price I can find paid so far is on a ebay listing out of australia, base console, nothing included, and it was broken where audio worked but no picture so it needed some soldering/parts repair to fix it and that went for $120USD shipped.

I'm not sure how much more a working loner is worth, but if you can find that, 2-3x that price would be reasonable as it sits basically complete in the box.  It's not much, but it's a lousy start.

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