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Best way to ship boxed games?


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14 minutes ago, kapitank00 said:

I have some boxed games I might try selling in the future (specifically late Genesis/32X style cardstock). Was wondering what the best method would be for shipping boxed retro games? Don't have much experience myself so input from experienced collector's would be neat 🙂

For boxed games I ship in a hard acrylic case if I have one. Not the flimsy plastic foldable cases. Wrap that in bubble, no tape around the bubblewrap, or maybe one small piece at the end, and put it in a box, fill the dead space with more bubble wrap or some packing material. Make sure to put in enough bubble/packing material that nothing shifts in shipping. I like my shipping boxes to bulge from packing material. I’ve had a ton of games damaged from a seller shipping in a box with dead space. It really grinds my gears.

If you don’t have an acrylic case, wrap the game in toilet paper first, then bubble wrap. Put the wrapped game in a box. Put that box in a larger box filled with bubble wrap/packing material. Again, don’t tape the bubble wrap or tp around the game. You can do more damage trying to get a box out of uber taped bubble wrap than the shipping journey itself.  

As far as shipping method I always do USPS Priority if you’re in the states. And if it’s a valuable game add insurance. No exceptions unless I get it in writing. If it’s really valuable I have recorded myself packing and mailing the game. It may seem a little tin foil hat but it’s added insurance should anything happen.



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