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Howdy, I'm Zack!

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Hello! My name is Zack and I live in Washington.

I picked a really poor time to sign up at NintendoAge two months ago it seems. Stumbled my way here and signed up about 10 minutes ago. I am recently getting back into building my game collection after about 10 years of not growing it. Life gets in the way sometimes. 

A good friend of mine was showing me some of his pickups and it sparked something within me and reminded me that I love collecting things and even more so I love collecting video games. 

So here I am! I'm finding there's a lot to learn and I'm enjoying it a lot, even if my wife gives me dirty looks every time a new mail call comes in.

Hope to get to know some of you better!

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1 hour ago, Richardhead said:

Hey there fella. Welcome. I also have recently gotten back into collecting. Maybe we can make some deals and help each other out on our collections here on VGS. 

I’m into NES, SNES and very recently, GameCube.
What do you collect?

That would be great! I collect for pretty much anything, but I limit myself to games I want to play as opposed to going for complete sets. That being said, I do primarily focus on Nintendo stuff. NES, SNES, GameBoy, GBC, GBA and Cube. I don't really go after N64 stuff much, for whatever reason. I also really love collecting for PS1. 

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