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Gaming Box Train 2: Freddy's Revenge

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It's that time again kids. Sign ups begin now and run through July 14th. That should be enough time for people to find this thread and sign up. Ive considered doing the order or people slightly different. Instead of randomly going back and forth across the country, I was thinking of arranging it by location so it was more linear. Staring from NJ (my location) and radiating out from there. Ideally it should make the travel time shorter. Let me know how you feel about this in your signup.




1: The Large flat rate box is to be replaced by every person

2: The Large flat rate box(Only through USPS) will be kept for a max of 5 day. If the 5th day is on the weekend/holiday you will have the until next business day. The 5 day limit is to allow for as many people to participate as possible without it taking forever to get to the next person.

3. Once you get the box you will post in the thread that you received it. You will pm the next person on the list with a tracking number ( also don’t put your personal address in the main thread, that is in pm as well). You will also pm me the tracking number (this was hard for some last time). Once you send out the box post in the thread “SENT”.

4. You are not allowed to change your username on here until after you receive the box so there is no confusion on where it will go off to next.


Do NOT put these items in the box:

  1. Plushies or large figurine containers
  2. No forms of liquids (we know how the usps will handle an item.) 
  3. No Magnets
  4. No end beef or crans
  5. Try not to put duplicate items

I know shit happens and intent and execution are two different things. If you find at any time you cannot continue to participate, contact me at once and I will make the necessary changes. Providing of course, you contact me before the box ships to you.

It is assumed that when you sign on to participate in this box, that you are interested in doing so. That being the case, it is up to you to be proactive and ready to receive the box. Very little, I repeat, very little time will be spent attempting to contact participants who have not logged on the forum in days/weeks or respond to pm. I will attempt to make this as efficient and expedient as well as beneficial as possible to all."

Everyone below was interested in participating in the thread that Mae started before disappearing so pinging you guys if your still interested.

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Posted (edited)

Current Participants (Not necessarily shipped in this order)










Paging those who have participated before:




@The Count



@Reed Rothchild















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Editorials Team · Posted
19 minutes ago, LeatherRebel5150 said:


What is your guy’s opinion on changing the order or mailing (check first paragraph of main post)

Acid and I were already next to one another in a previous round, but if he's in and we do that again it saves us some shipping since we're a few miles apart.

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