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Super Tilt Bro. Tournament Hosted by VGS!


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Events Helper · Posted

@braven @dvertov @JamesRobot @docile tapeworm @pwikoo @urangutanLP @Infitek @adam @Alienagat @JVOSS @Fei @Scrobins @Deadeye @Le poussin @matthughson @neodolphino @Dabest @Gobolz @Dimo

As an fyi, this might carry over a bit from the weekend because of some tech/scheduling issues, but we will be getting the prizes out as prompt as possible!  Thanks for your understanding 🙂  

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3 hours ago, neodolphino said:

Hahaha... guess luck could only get me so far - who'd have thought you'd actually need skill|??  2 losses in a row, but a great time had in both.  Congrats to @Gobolz and @Le poussin!

Haha, when you ran out of luck you were especially unlucky 😮

Le Poussin and Gobolz are really strong opponent who proved their value multiple times in this tournament!

Well played! I even heard you surprised Le Poussin 😎

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Sorry, a lot happened at the same time, as well as in the game as in real life. I am a bit late, so here are most of the games of this afternoon CEST (moning EDT).


adam vs dimo

Lots of technical issues. It seems the netcode is not yet robust enough to handle their special mix of computers/connection. Blame on me, the winner was decided on a coin flip.



gobolz vs neodolphino



Lepoussin vs neodolphino



lepoussin (sinbad) vs dabest (pepper)

Hype match!

Long time friends, who trained together for this tourney. Now they meet in losers bracket, meaning one will eliminate the other 🥺



lepoussin (green) vs fei (blue)





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Gobolz vs Braven


The winner of this set is ensured at least the 3rd place. And damn, they both wanted it!

The match are packed with ultra fast paced thinking! Players adapt to each other's trick so speed than every interaction is filled with mind-game and movements deemed impossible before.

On the menu: Very creative uses of Kiki's counter, impossible recovery performed by Sinbad, and lots more!

Not on the menu: rest.


Gobolz plays Kiki

Braven plays Sinbad




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braven vs pwikoo


The winners' final! The only two players who did not lose any set enter the arena!

Winning here is not winning the tourney. The loser is sent to losers bracket, and may come back for the grand final. That said, winning here ensure to be at least second, and to have an advantage in grand final.

Pwikoo and Braven being renown as the two best players in the world, expect to see a masterclass of how to play Super Tilt Bro.! Moreover as Pwikoo seems to be decided to keep playing all characters each set!


Braven plays dark Sinbad

Pwikoo plays all characters on the roster

sinbad vs kiki https://super-tilt-bro.com/replay/emus/2.0-alpha12/index.html?game=18f74197-7b15-4fcc-9a65-9af36a5a355c

sinbad vs sinbad https://super-tilt-bro.com/replay/emus/2.0-alpha12/index.html?game=6d9341e8-3a8e-4667-ac66-898ddf97dcdd

sinbad vs pepper https://super-tilt-bro.com/replay/emus/2.0-alpha12/index.html?game=f7085c77-68e2-4dfb-a8df-caa57f578637

sinbad vs kiki https://super-tilt-bro.com/replay/emus/2.0-alpha12/index.html?game=a163b0c7-e9df-4862-9e4d-b881c269ec55

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When I said contenders were heated up at the begining of the tourney ... I stand corrected, they are playing all the loser brackets more rapidly than I can report it!

Here is a new batch of replays 😅

I could comment games individually but they are all exceptional. Players are in no-mercy mode! (That and they are still playing games that I will have to report!)

infitek urangLP




infitek (pink) vs adam (green)





gobolz (kiki) vs adam (sinbad)





Le poussin (sinbad) vs Gobolz (kiki)



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Losers' final

gobolz (kiki) vs braven (sinbad)

Loser here gets the third place of the tourney. Winner get a pass to the grand final and a chance for the first place.

Gobolz trained new secret techs since he has been sent to losers by Braven. Will this be enough to beat Braven on a bet-of-5? As you see there is 5 games played, whatever the issue, it had to be tight 😉







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@pwikoo (multi) vs @braven (Sinbad)


As Pwikoo didn't lose any set, Braven has to take two sets to be sacred champion, while Pwikoo can win the tourney right now.

No further delay, here is the concentrate of epicness you all came to see!

match 1: https://super-tilt-bro.com/replay/emus/2.0-alpha12/index.html?game=6fd33f69-fd16-4bf0-94b0-59c039bf8100

match 2: https://super-tilt-bro.com/replay/emus/2.0-alpha12/index.html?game=edb4e3e8-818f-49ef-980b-efcc0ed2811a

match 3: https://super-tilt-bro.com/replay/emus/2.0-alpha12/index.html?game=c95295f6-295e-4161-b0e5-c7b92827059b

match 4: https://super-tilt-bro.com/replay/emus/2.0-alpha12/index.html?game=2efd4548-b9b0-4d27-a0ab-9589aa94d325

hype match 5: https://super-tilt-bro.com/replay/emus/2.0-alpha12/index.html?game=70c7d703-bcad-4589-855b-f5a4f0b48464

(Thanks @urangutanLPfor taking care of noting the URLs)

Edited by RogerBidon
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Events Helper · Posted

@braven @dvertov @JamesRobot @docile tapeworm @pwikoo @urangutanLP @Infitek @adam @Alienagat @JVOSS @Fei @Scrobins @Deadeye @Le poussin @matthughson @neodolphino @Dabest @Gobolz @Dimo

And just like that, the tourney is over with a winner!!!!  I will get the raffle prizes out soon, if you get a pm from me here or in discord you will have a $10 gift card of your choice!

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