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Just Received A Video Wall Processor


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I've been on a long journey to find a good way to send RGB video from my game consoles or my PC to my 2x2 video wall. There's a pretty severe lack of information out there for doing such a thing. Through a convoluted set of circumstances I was given the name "Electrosonic Vector" and found a teeny bit of information online, and some very expensive eBay listings. In reading about the product I found out that they were headquartered like 3 blocks from my work. I then found out that they had sold the "Vector" product in their lineup to Extron like 15 years ago. I contacted Extron and ended up getting in contact with a guy who was the Senior Engineer for the Vector line back when it was at Electrosonic. I got some information from him, and made a super low-ball offer on an ES-5952 Card Cage with 5 cards on ebay. Incredibly, my offer accepted first try! It came in the mail yesterday and got it's ass completely kicked in shipping. It's dented, filthy, one of the fans is whistling, one of the mounting ears is bent, one of the carry handles was smashed in, and there is some sort of security lockout on the front panel. Not a good start. But it does run, so I'm going to take the time to whip it apart, clean it properly, replace the fan, fix the dents and since it's all aluminum I figure I'll polish the case a little bit. I emailed Electrosonic's customer service last night and they gave me some tips for unlocking the front panel so hopefully I can get that sorted shortly.

TL;DR: this box should allow me to do Goldeneye or Mariokart where everyone gets their own monitor.







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35 minutes ago, MrWunderful said:

What does this do exactly?

Various things related to a video wall a.k.a. lots of monitors stacked together. You can send one image to them all, like everyone in Goldeneye having their own monitor, or send many sources to one in a corporate environment for security monitors or something. The trick is finding one that supports all the analog video signals we use for gaming. Most are shunted through a PC (no good for gaming) or are fully digital, or composite only etc.

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I had a lucky break and an Electrosonic employee was able to dig up a 250 page user guide for my Vector unit! It also covers every single card that was compatible with it. Used it to find the dip switch settings to unlock the front panel last night! Can't wait to see what it can do.75462312_2523913587861123_6612529196495273984_n.thumb.jpg.e7fa85b21b4064a581ed5ee3dcedd5c2.jpg

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