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Official Detailed Nintendo Power Issue List

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I definitely have some work ahead to get pictures done on this one, but it was my favorite and most popular list from before so I'm happy to get it back out in public for everyone to comment, reference, whatever!   Enjoy!  


Nintendo Power List
Issue Number Issue Date Cover Information Poster Included Inserts / Additional Pieces / Etc Pictures!
Issue 001
July/Aug 1988
Super Mario Bros 2
baseball poster
[variant] Free Sample Copy  
[variant] Free Poster Inside  
Issue 002 Sept/Oct 1988 Castlevania 2 bionic commando poster Nintendo Power Insiders Calendar  
Issue 003 Nov/Dec1988 Track and Field 2 blaster master poster -Powerful Gift Ideas insert  
Issue 004 Jan/Feb1989 Zelda 2 skate or die poster    
Issue 005 Mar/Apr 1989 Ninja Gaiden strider poster -Complete NES Game Pak Directory  
Issue 006 May/June 1989 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mega man II poster    
Issue 007 July/Aug 1989 Mega Man 2 robocop smb2 inside out p1  
Issue 008 Sept/Oct 1989 Duck Tales batman poster smb2 inside out p2  
Issue 009 Nov/Dec1989 Tetris iron sword poster dragon warrior strategy guide  
Issue 010
Jan/Feb 1990
dynowarz poster
- Nintendo gear and stuff  
- Tetris strategy guide  
- Nintendo Power Tips! Poster (offer for mail in poster)  
Issue 011 Mar/Apr 1990 Super Mario Bros 3 super c poster pak source booklet  
Issue 012 May/June 1990 Super C final fantasy poster classified information booklet  
Issue 013 Jun-90 Super Mario Bros. 3 Strategy Guide N/A    
Issue 014 July/Aug 1990 Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers castlevania III poster    
Issue 015 Jul-90 Ninja Gaiden II Strategy Guide Ninja Gaiden poster with backside ninja gear    
Issue 016 Sept/Oct 1990 Maniac Mansion solar jetman poster    
Issue 017 Oct-90 Final Fantasy Strategy Guide N/A    
Issue 018 Nov/Dec 1990 Dr Mario mega man III poster    
Issue 019 Dec-90 4 Player Extra Strategy Guide N/A    
Issue 020 Jan-91 Mega Man III bart vs space mutants poster    
Issue 021 Feb-91 Star Tropics metal storm poster    
Issue 022 Mar-91 Metal Storm battletoads poster    
Issue 023 Apr-91 Power Blade sim city poster    
Issue 024 May-91 Vice: Project Doom tale spin poster    
Issue 025 Jun-91 Battle Toads super spy hunter poster    
Issue 026 Jul-91 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves metroid poster    
Issue 027 Aug-91 Mega Man in Dr. Wily's Revenge star wars poster Product Maintenance Troubleshooting and Service Guide insert  
Issue 028 Sep-91 Super Mario World f-zero poster    
Issue 029 Oct-91 Star Trek flintstones poster    
Issue 030 Nov-91 Final Fantasy II face ball poster    
Issue 031 Dec-91 Metroid tmnt III poster    
Issue 032 Jan-92 Super Castlevania IV rocketeer poster    
Issue 033 Feb-92 TMNT III: The Manhattan Project lemmings poster    
Issue 034 Mar-92 Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past addams family poster    
Issue 035 Apr-92 WWF Super Wrestlemania street fighter 2 poster    
Issue 036 May-92 Darkwing Duck krusty's fun house poster    
Issue 037 Jun-92 Lemmings ultra bot poster    
Issue 038 Jul-92 Street Fighter II wings 2 poster    
Issue 039 Aug-92 Mario Paint felix the cat poster    
Issue 040 Sep-92 Felix the Cat spider man poster    
Issue 041 Oct-92 Super Mario Kart road runner poster -Power Challenge Trading Cards  
Issue 042 Nov-92 Super Star Wars batman poster -Power Challenge Trading Cards  
Issue 043 Dec-92 Road Runner's Death Valley Rally lost vikings poster -Power Challenge Trading Cards  
Issue 044
The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse
ren and stimpy poster
-Mario Paint Booklet  
-Starfox airplane cutout  
-Super Power Club stickers  
-Power Challenge Trading Cards  
Issue 045 Feb-93 Addam's Family Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt star fox poster -Power Challenge Trading Cards  
Issue 046 Mar-93 Tiny Toon Adv. Buster Busts Loose taz mania poster -Power Challenge Trading Cards  
Issue 047 Apr-93 Star Fox battletoads double dragon poster -Power Challenge Trading Cards  
Issue 048 May-93 Batman Returns bubsy poster -Power Challenge Trading Cards  
Issue 049 Jun-93 BattleToads and Double Dragon jurassic park poster -Power Challenge Trading Cards  
Issue 050
Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
covers 1-49 poster
-Temporary tattoos  
-Nintendo Power Index v1  
-Power Challenge Trading Cards  
Issue 051
Street Fighter 2: Turbo
rock and roll racing poster -Power Challenge Trading Cards  
  -Super Power Club Power Certificates  
Issue 052 Sep-93 Super Mario All-Stars mortal kombat poster -Power Challenge Trading Cards  
Issue 053 Oct-93 Super Empire Strikes Back secret of mana poster -Power Challenge Trading Cards  
Issue 054
Secret of Mana
batman poster
-Power Challenge Trading Cards  
-Super Power Supplies Catalog Fall/Winter '93  
Issue 055
mega man x poster
-Power Challenge Trading Cards  
-Super Power Club Power Certificates  
Issue 056
Mega Man Issue Bonus
bugs bunny poster
-Super Nintendo Power Index  
-Power Challenge Trading Cards  
Issue 057 Feb-94 Bugs Bunny super metroid poster -Power Challenge Trading Cards  
Issue 058
Wario land
ken griffey jr poster
-Power Challenge Trading Cards  
-Nintendo Authorized Repair Center Coupons  
Issue 059
Ken Griffey Junior Presents Major League Baseball
barkley nba poster
-Power Challenge Trading Cards  
-Super Power Club Power Certificates  
Issue 060
Super Metroid
jungle book poster
-Power Challenge Trading Cards  
-Nintendo Power Index v2  
Issue 061 Jun-94 Donkey Kong super street fighter II poster -Power Challenge Trading Cards  
Issue 062
Super Street Fighter 2
itchy and scratchy poster
-Power Challenge Trading Cards  
-Nintendo Authorized Repair Center Coupons  
Issue 063 Aug-94 Stunt FX Racing hulk poster -Power Challenge Trading Cards  
Issue 064
Mortal Kombat 2
donkey kong country poster
-Power Challenge Trading Cards  
-Super Power Supplies Catalog Summer/Fall '94  
Issue 065
Illusion of Gaia
earthworm jim poster
-Power Challenge Trading Cards  
-Super Power Club Power Certificates  
-Illusion of Gaia Cut-Out w/ coupon  
Issue 066 Nov-94 Donkey Kong Country demon's crest poster -Power Challenge Trading Cards  
Issue 067
Earthworm Jim 2
x-men poster
-Power Challenge Trading Cards  
-Super Power Club Power Ceritificates  
Issue 068
95 Issue Bonus
Megaman X2
-DK Iron On  
[Variant] Adventures of Batman and Robin  
[Variant] 95 Bonus Issue  
Issue 069 Feb-95 Mega Man X2 donkey kong land poster    
Issue 070
star trek poster
-Super Power Supplies Catalog Spring '95  
-Nintendo Power Index v3  
Issue 071 Apr-95 Stargate weaponlord poster Mega Man X2 Cards  
Issue 072 May-95 Kirby Dream Land 2 secrets of evermore poster    
Issue 073 Jun-95 Weaponlord primal rage poster Donkey Kong Country Cards  
Issue 074 Jul-95 Donkey Kong Land boogerman poster Earthbound "Warning" insert w/ coupon  
Issue 075
Virtual Boy
killer instinct poster
-Virtual boy card set  
-Virtual boy 3D glasses  
Issue 076 Sep-95 Killer Instinct batman poster -Blockbuster rental stickers  
Issue 077 Oct-95 Super Mario World 2 waterworld poster Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island cards  
Issue 078 Nov-95 Mortal Kombat 3 donkey kong country 2 poster Winter 95 Supply Catalog  
Issue 079 Dec-95 Donkey Kong Country 2 earthworm jim 2 poster Donkey Kong Country 2 Cards  
Issue 080
Happy New Year Special Cover
kongs 96 calendar
[Variant] Diddy Kong on N64 Controller  
[Variant] New Year Special Cover  
Issue 081 Feb-96 Killer Instinct 2 ken griffey jr poster    
Issue 082 Mar-96 Super Mario RPG Preview war of the gems poster Mortal Kombat 3 Cards  
Issue 083 Apr-96 Earthworm Jim 2 olympic summer games poster    
Issue 084
Ken Griffey Jr Winning Run
super mario rpg poster
-Super Mario RPG Cards  
-Ken Griffey Jr AOL Promo insert  
Issue 085 Jun-96 Super Mario 64 iron man poster    
Issue 086 Jul-96 Power Previews 64 robotech poster    
Issue 087 Aug-96 Tetris Attack pilotwings poster    
Issue 088 Sep-96 Super Mario 64 turok poster    
Issue 089
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
donkey kong country 3 poster
-Street Fighter Alpha 2 Cards  
-Spot The Dot instant win game  
Issue 090 Nov-96 Donkey Kong Country 3 wave race 64 poster    
Issue 091 Dec-96 Killer Instinct Gold star wars: shadow of the empire    
Issue 092
Shadows of the Empire
mario kart calender
[Variant] Storm Trooper cover  
[Variant] Bobba Fett cover  
[Variant] Dash Rendar cover  
[Variant] IG 88 cover  
-Power Play scratch and win insert  
-Nintendo 64 controller pak sticker sheet  
-N64 Power Tips Booklet  
Issue 093 Feb-97 Mario Kart 64 goldeneye poster    
Issue 094
fifa 64 poster
-Includes Mario Kart 64 NP Cup Sweepstakes  
-Mario Kart 64 cards  
Issue 095 Apr-97 Blast Corp doom 64 poster    
Issue 096 May-97 Doom 64 lost vikings 2 poster    
Issue 097 Jun-97 Clay Fighter 63 1/3 star fox 64 poster    
Issue 098 Jul-97 Star Fox 64 ken griffey jr poster -Starfox 64 cards  
Issue 099 Aug-97 Goldeneye banjo kazooie    
Issue 100 Sep-97 100 Best Games Ever 1-99 covers poster -Super Power Supplies Catalogue  
Issue 101 Oct-97 Extreme G-Zone madden 64 poster    
Issue 102 Nov-97 NFL Quarterback Club diddy kong racing poster    
Issue 103 Dec-97 Diddy Kong's Racing wcw v nwo world tour poster    
Issue 104
Yoshi's Story
yoshi's story poster
-Diddy Kong Racing calendar  
-$5 off coupon  
Issue 105 Feb-98 WCW vs NWO warioland poster    
Issue 106 Mar-98 1080 Snowboarding foresaken poster    
Issue 107 Apr-98 Kobe NBA Courtside iggy's reckin' balls poster -Super Power Supplies Catalog Spring '98  
Issue 108 May-98 MLB feat Ken Griffey Jr quest 64 poster    
Issue 109 Jun-98 Banjo Tooie wwf war zone poster    
Issue 110 Jul-98 WWF War Zone buck bumble poster    
Issue 111
Bomberman Hero
pokemon poster
-Pokemon Power 1  
-Super Power Supplies Catalog Summer '98  
Issue 112 Sep-98 F-Zero X turok 2 seeds of evil poster -Pokemon Power 2  
Issue 113 Oct-98 Turok 2 fox sports college hoops '99 poster -Pokemon Power 3  
Issue 114
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
superman poster
-Pokemon Power 4  
-Zelda: Ocarina of Time Poster  
-Super Power Supplies Catalog Winter '98  
Issue 115 Dec-98 Rogue Squadron battle tank poster -Pokemon Power 5  
Issue 116
ODT poster
-Pokemon Power 6  
-Top Tips '98 / NP Previews '99 insert  
-Pokemon 1999 calendar  
Issue 117 Feb-99 Wario Party rampage 2 universal tour poster    
Issue 118
Tonic Trouble rayman poster -Pokemon card: Charmeleon  
    -Vigilante 8 ad/poster  
issue 119 Apr-99 Beetle Adventure Racing jet force gemini poster -Super Power Supplies Catalog Spring '99  
Issue 120
Episode 1 Racer
harrier 2001 poster
[VARIANT] 4 different covers  
Anakin Skywalker  
Teemto Pagalies  
Mars Guo  
Issue 121 Jun-99 Pokemon Snap army men sarge's heroes poster -Star Wars episode 1 racer poster  
Issue 122 Jul-99 World Driver Championship wwf attitude poster    
Issue 123
Hybrid Heaven
supercross 2000 poster
w/ Pokemon Story - Episode 07  
w/ pokemon snap sticker album  
Issue 124
Jet Force Gemini
40 winks
w/ Pokemon Story - Episode 08  
-Pokemon Trading card  
Issue 125
Pokemon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition
w/ Pokemon Story - Episode 09  
w/ Pokemon Movie Poster  
Issue 126
Donkey Kong 64
nba courtside 2
Pokemon - The First Movie booklet  
[VARIANT] cover available (fold out and non fold out)  
Issue 127
WWF Wrestlemania 2000
toy story 2
w/ Pokemon Story - Episode 11  
-Super Power Supplies Catalog Fall/Winter '99  
Issue 128
Mario Party 2
np 2000 calendar
w/ Pokemon Story - Episode 12  
-NP Subscriber Bonus insert  
-[VARIANT] cover available  
Issue 129 Feb-00 Disney's Tarzan tony hawk pro skater w/ Pokemon Story - Episode 13  
Issue 130 Mar-00 Pokemon Stadium ogre battle 64 w/ Pokemon Story - Episode 14  
Issue 131
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
army men air combat
w/ Pokemon Story - Episode 15  
-Pokemon stadium cards  
-Pokemon Flipper card  
-Pokemon Trading Card Game insert  
-Mewtwo playing card  
Issue 132 May-00 Excitebike 64 looney tunes duck dodgers w/ Pokemon Story - Episode 16  
Issue 133
Army Men Air Combat
aidyn chronicles: the first mage
w/ Pokemon Story - Episode 17  
-Super Power Supplies Catalog Spring/Summer 2000  
Issue 134
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
world is not enough 007
w/ Pokemon Story - Episode 18  
-Super Power Supplies Catalog Spring/Summer 2000  
Issue 135
Mario Tennis
donald duck poster
-Pokemon The Movie Preview  
-Pokemon Trading Card: Dark Persian  
-Pokemon The Movie poster  
Issue 136 Sep-00 Gold / Silver Pokemon taz express    
Issue 137 Oct-00 Zelda: Majora's Mask batman beyond poster -Pokemon Trading Card: Sabrina's Abra  
Issue 138
Hey You, Pikachu!
spider man
-Pokemon Gold & Silver - Episode 01  
-Super Power Supplies Catalog Winter 2000  
Issue 139
Banjo Tooie
mario tennis
-Pokemon Gold & Silver - Episode 02  
-Pokemon Best Buy $5 coupon  
Issue 140
pokemon poster
Pokemon Gold & Silver - Episode 03  
- spiderman NP static sticker sheet  
-warriors of might and magic poster  
-magni nation poster  
-Looking Forward subscriber bonus catalog  
Issue 141 Feb-01 Paper Mario pokemon stadium 2 Pokemon Gold & Silver - Episode 04  
Issue 142 Mar-01 Pokemon Stadium 2 zelda: oracle of seasons Pokemon Gold & Silver - Episode 05  
Issue 143 April-01 GBA Arrives mario party 3 poster Pokemon Gold & Silver - Episode 06  
Issue 144 May-01 Zelda Oracle of Seasons dragon warrior 3 poster    
Issue 145 Jun-01 Mario Advance THPS 2 poster    
Issue 146 Jul-01 THPS 2 super street fighter 2 turbo revival poster -Super Power Supplies Catalog Summer 2001  
Issue 147 Aug-01 Pokemon Crystal tomb raider curse of the sword poster    
Issue 148 Sep-01 Mario Kart Super Circuit nhl hitz 2002 poster    
Issue 149 Oct-01 Star Wars Rogue Leader spyro season of ice poster    
Issue 150 Nov-01 It's Here! super smash bros. melee poster    
Issue 151 Dec-01 Super Smash Bros. Melee batman vengeance poster    
Issue 152
wave race blue storm poster
-Wave Race calendar  
-GameCube Character stickers  
Issue 153 Feb-02 NBA Courside 2002 sonic adventure 2 poster    
Issue 154
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
crash the huge adventure -Gauntlet dark legacy insert  
spy hunter bonus poster    
Issue 155
Agent Under Fire
-dinotopia poster    
-top gun ace combat poster    
Issue 156 May-02 Spider-Man rayman arena poster -Dragon Ball Z poster  
Issue 157
Lost Kingdoms
minority report poster
-Down and Dirty sticker  
-Gravity Games tearout card  
Issue 158 Jul-02 E3 2002 scorpion king poster    
Issue 159 Aug-02 Magical Mirror starring Mickey Mouse super mario sunshine poster    
Issue 160 Sep-02 Super Mario Sunshine star wars clone wars poster -MLB Slugfest cardstock flyer  
Issue 161 Oct-02 Star Fox Adventures robotech battlecry poster    
Issue 162
Metroid Prime
hot wheels velocity x poster
-phantasy star online i and ii poster  
-godzilla destroy all monsters poster  
-Activision stickers  
Issue 163
Metroid Fusion
animal crossing poster
-justice league injustice for all poster  
-animal crossing e-reader card  
-gamecube preview DVD  
Issue 164
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers
skies of arcadia poster
- animal crossing calendar  
-smashing live orchestra melee program  
Issue 165 Feb-03 Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker rayman 3 poster - stickers containing zelda metroid gc  
Issue 166 Mar-03 The Sims def jam vendetta poster    
Issue 167 April-03 Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire the hobbit poster -Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire poster  
Issue 168 May-03 Golden Sun: Lost Age castlevania: aria of sorrow poster    
Issue 169 Jun-03 Soul Caliber 2 mega man battle network transmission poster    
Issue 170
July/Aug 2003
F-Zero GX
dragon ball z: legacy of goku ii poster
-Pokemon EX Ruby & Sapphire Trading Cards  
-Freaky Flyer's 2-page mini promo  
Issue 171 Sep-03 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance gladius poster    
Issue 172 Oct-03 Viewtiful Joe star wars rogue squadron iii poster    
Issue 173 Nov-03 Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III - Rebel Strike tmnt gba poster -Pokemon eon ticket  
Issue 174
Fire Emblem
mario party 5 poster
-Yu Yu Hakusho  
-Mario Kart Double Dash Sticker  
Issue 175
Mario Kart! Double Dash
sonic heroes poster
-Mario & Luigi mustache stickers  
-2003 NP buyer's guide  
-sword of mana poster  
-fox box card  
-fire emblem stickers  
-mario party 5 stickers  
Issue 176 Feb-04 The Sims: Bustin Out final fantasy crystal chronicles poster    
Issue 177 Mar-04 Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicals phantasy star online iii poster    
Issue 178 April-04 Pokemon Colosseum 007 everything or nothing poster    
Issue 179 May-04 Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes custom robo poster    
Issue 180 Jun-04 Tales of Symphonia wario inc calendar    
Issue 181 Jul-04 Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure shrek 2 poster    
Issue 182 Aug-04 Resident Evil 4 spiderman 2 poster -zelda four swords stickers  
Issue 183 Sep-04 Pikmin 2 catwoman poster -Pikmin tattoos  
Issue 184 Oct-04 Pokemon Fire Red / Leaf Green street racing syndicate poster    
Issue 185
Paper Mario: 1000 Year Door
paper mario: thousand year door poster
-Metroid Prime 1 map  
Issue 186 Dec-04 Metroid Prime 2: Echoes metroid prime 2 poster poster    
Issue 187
Nintendo DS
nds calendar
-Laminated Metroid Prime 2 poster  
-Pokemon Deoxxys form posters  
Issue 188 Feb-05 Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap prince of persia: warrior within poster    
Issue 189 Mar-05 Star Fox: Assault nba street vol 3 poster -Wario Inc Poop poem  
Issue 190 April-05 Killer 7 retro atari poster    
Issue 191
Nintendo DS w/ Metroid Prime Hunters
zelda twilight princess poster
-Nintendo DS Cards  
-Touching is Good NDS mini poster  
Issue 192
Pokemon Emerald
castlevania: dawn of sorrow poster
-Nintendo DS Cards  
-Touching is Good NDS mini poster  
Issue 193 Jul-05 Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess metroid prime hunters poster    
Issue 194 Aug-05 Ready for Wi-Fi zelda twilight princess poster nintendo power DVD special  
Issue 195 Sep-05 Hog Heaven (Shadow the Hedgehog) advance wars dual strike poster cartoon network DVD ???? (need confirming)  
Issue 196
Play with Fire (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)
incredible hulk: path of destruction poster
-king kong poster  
-Pokemon stickers contest insert  
-nintendogs puppy magazine  
Issue 197 Nov-05 The XD Factor (Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness) fire emblem: path of radiance map    
Issue 198 Dec-05 Clas Warfare (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance) sonic rush poster 2005 Holiday Buyers Guide  
Issue 199
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (Mario Kart DS)
animal crossing wild world calendar
Animal crossing postcards  
Nintendo Wi-Fi connection guide  
Issue 200 Feb-06 Touch Evil! (Resident Evil: Deadly Silence) an illustrated poster Nintendo power retro stickers  
Issue 201 Mar-06 Gonzo Gaming! (Chibi-Robo) rub rabbits poster    
Issue 202 April-06 Alien Seduction? (Metroid Prime Hunters) matroid prime hunters poster    
Issue 203 May-06 Jump for Joy! (New Super Mario Bros) odama poster    
Issue 204 Jun-06 Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin double sided illustrated poster    
Issue 205 Jul-06 Zelda: Phantom Hourglass new super mario bros ds poster new super mario bros miniguide  
Issue 206 Aug-06 We Came, Wii Conquered (E3 2K6) children of mana poster    
Issue 207
Bunnies Gone Bad (Rayman Raving Rabbids)
dragon quest rocket slime poster
-Pokemon mystery dungeon vol 1  
-Nintendo DS Touch Generations insert  
Issue 208 Oct-06 Final Fantasy III lunar knights poster -Pokemon mystery dungeon vol 2  
Issue 209 Nov-06 Let's Talk (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon) super monkey ball banana blitz poster -Pokemon mystery dungeon vol 3  
Issue 210 Dec-06 Here We Go! (Wii Launch) justice league heroes: the flash poster -Pokemon mystery dungeon vol 4  
Issue 211
We Dream of Zelda (LoZ: Twilight Princess)
zelda twilight princess poster
-wii sports stickers  
-Pokemon mystery dungeon vol 5  
Issue 212 Feb-07 Ready to 'Ware (WarioWare: Smooth Moves) super monkey ball banana blitz -Pokemon mystery dungeon vol 6  
Issue 213 Mar-07 Sonic Secrets (Sonic and the Secret Rings) brawl calendar    
Issue 214 April-07 Wii the Sims (My Sims) alien syndrome poster -Spectrobes advertisement insert  
Issue 215 May-07 Pokemon Perspectives (Pokemon Diamond / Pearl) ocarina of time map of hyrule    
Issue 216
Nights: Journey of Dreams
heroes of mana poster
-Spiderman 3 advertisement insert  
-Wii Welcome You insert  
Issue 217 Jul-07 Resident Evils: Umbrella Chronicles project treasure island z poster    
Issue 218 Aug-07 SoulCaliber Legends contra 4 poster -Alien Syndrome advertisement insert  
issue 219 Sep-07 Metoir Primed (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption) metroid prime 3: corruption poster    
Issue 220 Oct-07 NPM - Far Out, Mario! (Super Mario Galaxy) acme arsenal poster    
Issue 221 Nov-07 Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings naruto clash of ninja poster    
Issue 222 Dec-07 BRAWL! (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) mushroom men poster -Future US Takeover Letter from Editor in Chief  
Issue 223
Holiday 2007
Wii Goes Punk (No More Heroes)
godzilla unleashed poster
-soul calibur legends poster  
Issue 224 Jan-08 Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword Rahman raving rabbits 2    
Issue 225 Feb-08 Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood sonic riders    
Issue 226 Mar-08 Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World bully scholarship edition poster    
Issue 227 April-08 Mario Kart Wii      
Issue 228 May-08 Final Fantasy IV      
Issue 229 Jun-08 Music Games (Guitar Hero, etc)      
Issue 230 Jul-08 NPM - Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia      
Issue 231 Aug-08 MadWorld   Mushroom men cards  
Issue 232 Sep-08 Sonic & The Black Knight      
Issue 233
Wario Land: Shake It!
sonic chronicles poster -mystery case files millionheir  
mushroom men poster    
Issue 234 Nov-08 Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars naruto clash of ninja 2 First subscriber's edition covers started  
Issue 235 Dec-08 Animal Crossing: City Folk NERF fold out poster    
Issue 236
Holiday 2008
Year-End Review Blowout
Castlevania Judgement poster    
Pokemon Rangers poster    
Issue 237 Jan-09 2009: The Year in Preview (TMNT Cover)   -Pokemon Ranger Stickers  
Issue 238 Feb-09 RPG Special      
Issue 239 Mar-09 Indiana Jones & The Staff of Kings      
Issue 240 April-09 Pokemon Platinum Version      
Issue 241 May-09 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories      
Issue 242 Jun-09 Red Steel 2      
Issue 243 Jul-09 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days      
Issue 244 Aug-09 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story      
Issue 245 Sep-09 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers      
Issue 246 Oct-09 Avatar   -JOIN Star Wars clone wars insert  
Issue 247 Nov-09 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games      
Issue 248
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Issue 249 Holiday 2009 Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks      
Issue 250 Jan-10 250 Reasons to Love Nintendo      
Issue 251 Feb-10 NBA Jam Wii super monkey ball step and roll poster -capcom tatsunoko card variant 1
-capcom tatsunoko card variant 2
Issue 252 Mar-10 Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver      
Issue 253 April-10 Scribblenauts 2      
Issue 254 May-10 Super Mario Galaxy 2      
Issue 255 Jun-10 Metroid: Other M      
Issue 256 Jul-10 Sonic Colors      
Issue 257 Aug-10 Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies      
Issue 258 Sep-10 Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword   LOTR Aragorn's quest card : gandolf  
Issue 259 Oct-10 Epic Mickey   LOTR Aragorn's quest card : balrog  
Issue 260 Nov-10 Anniversary Special: 25 Years of NES mario poster LOTR Aragorn's quest card : aragorn  
Issue 261 Dec-10 Donkey Kong Country Returns      
Issue 262 Holiday 2010 Kingdom Hearts Re:coded   -Holiday 2010 Issue  
Issue 263 Jan-11 Mario Sports Mix Wii      
Issue 264 Feb-11 Pokemon Black / White      
Issue 265 Mar-11 3DS Launch Special super monkey ball 3d    
Issue 266 April-11 Pilotwings Resort      
Issue 267 May-11 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Pokemon black white version poster    
Issue 268 Jun-11 Sonic Generations      
Issue 269 Jul-11 Rayman Origins      
Issue 270 Aug-11 Star Fox 64 3D   -Pokémon DVD  
Issue 271 Sep-11 Kirby Mass Attack and Kirby's Return to Dream Land      
Issue 272 Oct-11 Super Mario 3D Land      
Issue 273 Nov-11 Mario Kart 7 shinobi poster (ds)    
Issue 274
Resident Evil Revelations
  -Holiday 2011 Issue  
  -Subscriber variant resident evil revelations cover  
Issue 275 Jan/Feb 2012 2012 Preview Issue (Kid Icarus: Uprising Cover)      
Issue 276 Mar-12 Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance      
Issue 277 April-12
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two and Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion
Issue 278 May-12 Pokemon Conquest      
Issue 279 Jun-12 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate      
Issue 280
Wii U
  -Subscriber variant : Pikmin 3  
  -Newstand variant : Wii U  
Issue 281 Aug-12 Scribblenauts Unlimited      
Issue 282 Sep-12 Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2      
Issue 283 Oct-12 Rayman Legends new SMB 2 poster    
Issue 284 Nov-12 Wii U Prepare for Launch   -Paper Mario Sticker Star advertisement  
Issue 285
Super Mario Bros U
  -Subscriber variant has letter  
  -Newstand variant has NP 1988-2012 poster  
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Oh thank God...I tried to put a list together in 2005 and couldn't find any list online. Then I started looking at photos and piecing it together from that. I lost what I had done, and recently considered going to complete the set. Now I don't have to start that process over again. Thank you for posting this.....

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1 hour ago, Lago said:

That looks amazing!  Great work on this.  Just verifying but 285 was the last issue?



58 minutes ago, MasonSushi said:

Oh thank God...I tried to put a list together in 2005 and couldn't find any list online. Then I started looking at photos and piecing it together from that. I lost what I had done, and recently considered going to complete the set. Now I don't have to start that process over again. Thank you for posting this.....

You bet!  The original thread at the 'other' site had some great development over the span of its existence, so this one will cut through a lot of that discussion and hopefully just lay everything out in a good orderly fashion. Now just to see what others can contribute that isn't already addressed.  .   .   .   .

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Member · Posted

So, IIRC, you could pick this up from magazine stands in some places and some times the magazine you got from the book store didn't have the same content as the subscriber copies.  I'm not 100% sure NP did this, but I seem to recall they did around the 100th issue, at least, because my first subscriber copy was the 100th issue and I wanted to be sure to get it because,  I think it did have something extra in it.

Anyway, this is probably making your work harder, but if my assumption is correct, you think you could add a "Subscriber Bonus" column, outlining what was the extra insert/item for the subs?

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24 minutes ago, RH said:

So, IIRC, you could pick this up from magazine stands in some places and some times the magazine you got from the book store didn't have the same content as the subscriber copies.  I'm not 100% sure NP did this, but I seem to recall they did around the 100th issue, at least, because my first subscriber copy was the 100th issue and I wanted to be sure to get it because,  I think it did have something extra in it.

Anyway, this is probably making your work harder, but if my assumption is correct, you think you could add a "Subscriber Bonus" column, outlining what was the extra insert/item for the subs?

If we could identify any specific items like this, then sure, I can address them in the list no problem.  As it stands right now, the most obvious differences between the two on some issues were that they had different cover art between the two types of issues. 


Here's #280 as an example.... 

280 pikmin.JPG911L71LgrxL.jpg


Also ETA:  I will try and get another column with release dates too so that you can see what issues were associated to what years...

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1 minute ago, austin532 said:

Very nice. The amount of detail here is something I would have made had I gone down the NP rabbit hole.

I just updated the list with dates and as I did, I already found out a few things to change!  I'm way down the hole man.... don't do it!  

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I have a complete set, and I'd like to assist in contributing to this resource. I'm also a moderator over on the Nintendo Power Collectors FB page. I'd really like to see this list grow to something that anyone could use as a "1 stop shop" for the entire collection.

I know there were lots of variations on covers, especially when you get to the topic of "subscription reminders." I'm fairly certain that Nintendo ran renewal customers down a different line when gluing the covers to these magazines. We could almost use a separate pic column to display an example of a "renewal reminder" cover, as there many types of examples here, all the way from an insert inside the magazine, to a sticker on the front, to a paper reminder glued to the magazine binding itself.

How can I be made able to make edits to this topic? Or do I need to submit things directly to acidjaguar?

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I recently rediscovered my NP magazines, and I found two posters loose. One of them I identified as the mario poster from issue 260 with the help of this list, but I can't figure out the other one for sure. It's a metroid poster with a 2010 copyright, so I'm guessing it came from issue 255 with the other m cover, but there's no posters listed for that issue. Does anyone know? 


On 1/29/2020 at 2:16 PM, smalltownguy2 said:

How can I be made able to make edits to this topic? Or do I need to submit things directly to acidjaguar?

It's just a normal post, so you would need @acidjaguar to edit it. 

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2 minutes ago, acidjaguar said:

I had this poster at one point.  I thought it may have come from the strategy guide possibly....?  But it would have to be loose because it doesn't have any attachment marks like a pull out poster would. 

I don't have any strategy guides from 2010 though. Also the mario poster I mentioned from 260 doesn't have any attachment marks either. 

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