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Taiwan, Province of China


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Tonight I had trouble logging in, thus I decided to have my password reset and was also sent this message (please check attachment)

Taiwan should be listed as Taiwan (Republic of China) or Taiwan (ROC), not as currently listed as a province of China. Is it possible to get this changed?

Although I'm sure most people here don't know a lot about the situation, or possibly don't care about it, I really don't like the rhetoric being used, as it's on-line with the bullying China has been recently doing towards Taiwan. Although China does lay claims to Taiwan, the fact is that Taiwan has been ruled independently since the Chinese civil war, has technically never even been ruled by the People's Republic of China (mainland China), and is a sovereign nation, albeit with very few allies. If we don't want to get political about it, Taiwan has their own region code for Nintendo games, than Hong Kong, China, etc.

If the issue were to come down to "taking sides", I think all we'd have to do would be to see how the two Korea's are being referenced, since they both stake claims on the other as part of their own land.


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Ah snap, the people that have written this forum software are commie bastards! (Not our local team.  I'm talking about the guys who make the software that this runs on.)

I'd say migrate to something else, but I know that wouldn't be feasible.

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I would think in this case it's not the software directly but whatever list it references using your IP address to figure out where in the world it is.  So whatever the forum software uses as their index if it's internal or some international hub of some choice they use it grabbed that name and I would think imagine it can't be helped.  It's pathetic, but may be stuck.

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