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Vote Now for the NES Homebrew Hall of Fame!


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Voting for the NES Homebrew Hall of Fame is open through May 31, 2022!

All you have to do is click the link below, read the instructions, and post your votes in the comment section. No paid Substack subscription is required. Please share this with any of your NES homebrew friends, as I'm hoping to make the voting as robust and inclusive as possible!


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Homebrew Team · Posted

Posted my top 10, but here they are as well 🙂

Deadeye's Top 10:
10. Blade Buster
9. Streemerz
8. Micro Mages
7. Space Gulls
6. Jay and Silent Bob's Mall Brawl
5. Witch n' Wiz
4. Nebs n' Debs
3. Cowlitz's Gamers Second Adventure
2. The Incident
1. The Mad Wizard

Honorable Mention: Dungeons and Doomknights

It was very hard to make a top 10.  Honestly it changes all the time, so many good NES homebrews to discover. 

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JamesRobot's top 10 Nintendo homebrews of all times:

10. Arlington Apple in an Interplanetary Pickle

9. Battle Kid

8. Battle Kid 2

7. Lizard

6. Streemerz

5. Nebs 'N Debs

4. Star Evil

3. Spook-O-Tron

2. Blade Buster

And the number 1 greatest homebrew of all times goes to...

1. Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover


Honorable mentions:

8Bit Xmas 2018 (ski/snowboard)

8Bit Xmas 2016 (pinball)

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