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Concerts you've attended

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In alpha order:

•    Coldplay
•    Fleetwood Mac
•    Guns N Roses
•    Hall & Oates (with Tears for Fears opening)
•    Keane
•    Oasis
•    The Beach Boys
•    The Moody Blues
•    The Pet Shop Boys
•    U2
•    UB40
•    Yes


Concerts: I'll probably never see live:

  • AC/DC
  • Daft Punk
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Updated page 1 with all of my ticket stubs that I have.  A couple things I noticed: The first unripped ticket I had was Nine Inch Nails in 2000.  I remember thinking it was odd at the time and that it was cool that I got to keep the whole thing.  First emailed/paper ticket was Rammstein in 2010 and I haven't had a real ticket since.

Those are all of the "major" shows I've been to.  Saw countless other shows in the 2000s, mostly punk rock.



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