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Been collecting for about a year

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Hello! I was a member of NA but only a lurker. I used to do a lot of gaming as a kid but college, wife, kids, etc. Fastfoward a decade... and then some... I finally have a space to setup my old consoles and time to play them. I've recently started collecting retro games to both recapture some memories but also explore titles and systems I never had the chance to. My first little foray was Sega Saturn (a system totally new and obscure to me) where I have 11 titles, but recently I've been expanding my N64 collection.

Most recent pickups:

  • Doom 64 (so dark!)
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Wave Race 64

Biggest thing I hope to get out of forums like VGS is continued knowledge and exposure to new things in the hobby.

Finally, I'll include a picture of my little collection corner. I have a decent SNES collection but my SNES is not working... hopefully figure that out this year.


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Doom 64... when you say "so dark"... do you mean in concept or literally the game looks dark? I only ask because the first time I ever played it, I got through about 2 levels and was frustrated beyond belief that it was soo dim. Only then did I realize the default brightness setting is oddly low... raise that shit up and enjoy some Doom64!

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