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Werewolf 12 Super Mario Bros. Game starting soon, please don't blow that cartridge ;)


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Events Helper · Posted


Signups starting now!  This game will be started either Easter Sunday night, or after!  Feel free to ponder for now, but signups will close so I can finalize and send out roles on April 13th!

@Reed Rothchild @KokiriChild @fox @ZeldaFreak @Makar @G-type @Kalebrok @JamesRobot @MadamRadness69 @werewolfzelda5 @DefaultGen @Link @JVOSS @Kguillemette @Brickman @WalterWhiteJr. @Alder @PuppyWaffles @Rhapsody98 @fcgamer @Murray @SailorScoutMandy @Hammerfestus @MagusSmurf @BattySalem @Generic @ExplosiveEmu @Tulpa @NESfiend @Bettington Bear @DK @FireHazard51 @OptOut @Splain @ZeldaFan042 @RH @Gloves @0xDEAFC0DE @zi @behemos

If you got pinged and don't wanna play, just ignore, i went through the list and just added everyone i know has either played recently or i have played with.  If you wanna signup as a backup, then that is ok too, and just tell me and that is what i will put you down as, we always need some backups.  If you know anyone who would want to join in and isn't a part of vgs, then invite them.  The more the merrier, and the more people we can get the more power roles/wolves there will be so chances will be better for you to draw a role other than VT 😉  

Let me know by responding, and I look forward to hosting the game.  Got some idears in mind so lets get this signup going!  

Once again to reitterate, the game will start either the night of April 17th or after!  Take your time and make sure you are signed up if you wish to be by April 13th!


1.  Zeldafreak
2.  Defaultgen
3.  Optout
4.  Brickman
5.  Link
6.  Hammerfestus
7.  Puppywaffles
8.  Jvoss
9.  fcgamer
10.  G-type
11.  RH
12.  Rhapsody98
13.  Sailorscoutmandy
14.  Firehazard51
15.  zi
16.  CasualCart 
17.  KokiriChild 
18.  Gloves
19.  Br81zad
20.  Behemos


1.  0xdeafcode
2.  Splain 

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Events Helper · Posted
1 minute ago, ZeldaFreak said:

How big are you planning this game to be? A standard 18-ish playercount, bigger, smaller, or will you adjust depending on how many people sign up?

adjustments will be made, as many as possible is good 🙂  The more the merrier!

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Events Team · Posted
2 minutes ago, DefaultGen said:

This is genuinely what I learned.

In all seriousness, if you do say something that goes against what the majority is thinking or otherwise has different logic than the majority, it has to make a good amount of sense and you have to present a good case for it, otherwise people are just gonna view you as suspicious and vote you off, especially in a case like last game wherein you were essentially suggesting we just give up on trying to vote out the wolves and hope we could just make it out on the Escape Pod (which probably wouldn't have turned out very well with Opt's abilities, especially if there was still another wolf left in addition to him. We would've outright lost if Deaf remained alive, and him and Opt both went on the Escape Pod at any point.)

Also, speaking of, after last game, Always Kill Opt 😊

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Events Team · Posted
1 minute ago, Brickman said:

@JVOSS get your crazy arse in here! We need someone even crazier than OptOut. Hope those two aren’t wolves 🤣

We NEED at LEAST one game with both @JVOSS and @OptOut. I want my brain to just melt in to pudding seeing those two interact.

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