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PSP sealed or reseals?


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I was wondering if someone here who knows about PSP seals could help me out with something. I recently bought a few sealed PSP games. Most of them have the y fold and look completely right, but two of them look cheaply sealed. I've found examples on ebay that look the same as the ones I have.

My Tactics Ogre looks exactly like the one pictured here:

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together - PSP - New 662248910321 | eBay

Maverick Hunter X looks like this example (cleaner than the Tactics Ogre but still no y fold):

Mega man maverick hunter x psp us english new sealed region free | eBay

Does anyone know about the authenticity of these? I've found references online to seals that look like these being fake as well as references to these seals simply being from different or later print runs but legit. The thing is, even if these are official seals, how can anyone even be sure? Other copies with y folds have been available for a bit over what I paid so I'm thinking of just returning and possibly "upgrading" to one of those even if these are authentic.


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I'm not some PSP guru, so grain of salt, but I've bought all my PSP games brand new/sealed and never once seen one with that type of seal. Looks to me like a reseal. It's possible that they may be later productions with cheaper parts as Square has done that (they still, at least up until recently print their GH games like FF7/8/9), but even those I don't think have that type of seal.

I'd assume reseal.

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I've purchased some sealed games from DealTavern in the past that aren't y-fold (including my Hexyz Force). I am assuming what he sells is legit but others may know better. Can't say one way or the other but I'm assuming they are late prints seeing as how DealTavern will have 100+ copies at times. I agree though if I ever do sell it I feel like it will be hard to convince the future buyer. 

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Thanks for the input guys. I'm still waffling as to exactly what to think of these. The Maverick Hunter X pretty much looks like those Smackdown vs. Raw examples and others I've seen around, though the vent holes tend to be in different places depending on the game in question.

With reseals, would they all come out looking the same way like these do? I mean, all the Tactics Ogre examples I've seen are either "correct" examples with the y seam or they look exactly like the shrinked one I have with no exceptions. I'm not  sure what the proper term would be, but they all have that "shrinked" look in the four corners of the front. If they were fakes done by hand could they all look identical like that? And why would such a large supply of presumably unwrapped copies be a thing? Factory returns?

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I can only really talk about PAL PSP games and their seals but there were games that came shrinkwrapped but the vast majority are reseal. That's the main reason why i only collect PSP tearstrip sealed games. Over the years i've come across a lot of sellers and people claiming to have knowledge about shrinkwrapped games being original but most of them later turned out to be reseals. 


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