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Power Pad Test\Demo ROM

Orab Games

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Just as a nice little teaser to keep everyone excited, I have attached a picture showing concept art of one of the playing screens. Remember, this is a very early concept and I pretty much suck at art. But, you can get a feel for what I envision the layout looking like. Picture being held hostage by NintendoAge. I will have to create a new one.


First off, thanks again to the testers. They seemed to enjoyed it.
As promised, I am releasing the demo ROM for my next game idea. Don't expect too much out of the ROM, it was designed to test my idea only and will be the basis of my next game (sorry, my first game sucks and I have no drive to finish it).

The inspiration behind my next game is the yard game, Cornhole. Basically, I will be using the Power Pad mat as a landing pad for bean bags. The tests included using actual bean bags in various ways to see how the Power Pad would react as the bean bags landed on the pad. I was very pleased with the results and they were all consistent. My vision for the game is to have 6-8 mini-games that will be multiplayer (2-4) with varying degrees options and difficulties. Single player modes will be my greatest challenge as I have little experience in programming a computer to imitate a human throwing a bean bag. I have a couple of ideas for this, but I will need to thorourghly test them. The other challange will be to conform some of these game to be played with a Power Pad and still make them as interesting as they would be with original hardware. For example, in Cornhole, if you land on the board, that's a point. On a Power Pad, there is a lot of real estate that won't register a hit. Thus, you will only be able to score by landing on a sensor. Thus, I must morph the rules of Cornhole to work with the Power Pad.

Here are a few ideas I have for games. Most or all will make the cut, but I hold the right to cut any game I want from the final version because I don't want to release a poor product.
(NOTE, I am calling the games by a name that most are familiar with. Chances are, I would change the names to be unique to my game)
Cornhole (with modified rules for the Power Pad)
Whack-A-Mole (Critter pops out of a hole for random amounts of time and you must hit him with a bean bag. Definitely single player mode. Battle mode with 2 power pads?)
Battleship (Each player places 4 targets and 4 bombs by using the Power Pad, the you win when you clear your Opponets 4 targets or your opponent hits 3 of your bombs)
3-in-a-row (Like Tic-Tac-Toe bag toss, but you can steal dots like Hollywood Squares)
Reversi (think Tic-Tac-Toe bag toss game but with reversi)
Ladderball (Not sure on game mechanics yet, but the Power Pad rows would serve as rungs on a ladder. Maybe some logic code where you could fall down the rungs at random?)
Beer Pong (Stepped up a notch to 12 Cups for the Power Pad, cause that's how we role! Will include options for reracks maybe some code to let your opponents "distract" or "blow" the ball out. We'll see how ambitious I feel)

That's all I have for now. Feel free to download the test ROM and try it out. This will work in an Emulator, Power Pak and Everdrive as demonstrated by the testers. Some emulators have an option for Power Pad and you can use keyboard buttons. Not so fun, but at least you can try it. For other's that may be interesting in seeing how this was made, I am thinking of releasing the code for the demo ROM.

Special thanks goes out to:
Ferris Bueller - Tester
NESMASTER14 - Tester
neodolphino - Tester
Jon Solo - Tester
Proveaux - Tester
bunnyboy - Nerdy Nights, Possible Tester
Mario's Right Nut - NES coding Tutorials, Tips, Advice Galore! has fixed my code a few times (Most of the code is derived from both of their tutorials. If you made it through all of them, you can read my code)
KHAN Games - Tips and Advice Galore!, has fixed my code a few times
And many others that have helped me along the way!

+++++++++++ORIGINAL POST BELOW+++++++++++

EDIT 2: If you are interested but only lack the bags, you can use a standard 7x8 zip lock bags and fill it with about 1 pound of dried corn, dried beans, or small cat or dog food. Then, tap down the excess baggie to get about a 6x6 square. This worked for NESMASTER14.

EDIT: The demo ROM is ready. Please PM me or message this thread to be approved. I would like 5-10 if possible.

I am looking for 5-10 people to help me test a demo ROM I am building. To qualify, you must meet these requirements.

A. Have a powerpak or the ability to use your Power Pad on an emulator (at the current moment, I lack both)
B. Have standard weight corn bags for a game similar to Corn Hole. Don't know what Corn Hole is? Then you probably don't qualify. Each bag should weigh 1 lb.

WARNING! This test has the potential to damage you Power Pad, however very unlikely. Do not ask to participate if you are worried about it hurting your Power Pad. Remember, the Power Pad was built to have a Human Being running on it. In my opinion, tossing a 1 lb bag on it should have little effect.

I hope to have a working demo finished today and can send it along with details. If the tests are successful, I will turn this thread into an update thread for the homebrew game.


Confirmed Testers:
1. Ferris Bueller - Test Completed
2. bunnyboy
3. NESMASTER14 - Test Completed
4. neodolphino - Test Completed
5. Jon Solo - Test Completed
6. Proveaux - Test Completed

Possible Testers:

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