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IMHO this is just ridiculous - your thoughts? (Advance Wars delayed release.)


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I put this here since it is really not about the game per se or collecting.


The game is so stylized/cartoonish than no one in their right mind would attach any ties to reality to it at all.  May as well stop making chess sets on this "philosophy" (or whatever it is).  

I doubt any wanna be Hitlers are gonna get their start by playing this or any other video game. And let's be honest - there is almost always a war somewhere on the globe - so strategy games can never be released under this world view?

I did get an email from Amazon (where I have it on pre-order) saying the release was delayed until 1/23!


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It's pandering

It's entirely unnecessary and it's just catering to soft touch overly sensitive types and the internet shaming police before they even get a chance.

There's little to no parallel between what's going on, and what's gaming there to the point you'd need some predisposed need to complain, have a guilt complex over(what?), and any other excuse to draw a parallel to just complain.


Simply put my stance is this: I have the first one already on GBA still, never played the second and was hoping to just do this instead.  Nintendo decided to cave and coddle, and in response a game I was 100% buying I'm 100% not giving them any money for now or down the road for at all.  BUY TINY METAL RUMBLE for the Switch instead.  That's the appropriate response, the same game and mechanics from another developer that already exists because the hole Nintendo left, now just dug deeper.  Give Tiny Metal your money, not Nintendo for their game.

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