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Youngster at the yard sales

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Hit it early last Saturday. First sale was at 7. I noticed a family with two boys talking about some legos.

2nd sale started at 8 I got there at 7:40 ( I saw them putting signs up and asked if it was to early they said no) as I was walking up the same family I had seen looking at the legos was walking out. The older boy maybe 13,14 years old had an atari (looked like a flashback) and a stack of original games in hand. I said “I’m too late, you already got the good stuff, good job”. He had a smile on his face so big only matched by his dad who was so proud. They both said thank you.

it just made me happy. The kid was stoked. He was only after video games. There was plenty left at that sale to flip. And the parents were up early driving him around.

feel good story I wanted to share.

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