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Photos needed for Family Bits


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Guys, I am missing a few photos needed for the first volume of Family Bits, as contrary to popular belief, there are some games that I don't actually own. I'm not going to post the list here of the photos I need, though there are two cartridges that I think someone here possibly could help out with. @NESWORLD Martin, I know you could help out, and maybe someone else could as well. 

I am looking for cartridge pictures of the following two Sachen multicarts. It's actually frustrating, as I used to have both of these cartridges, but I couldn't find them when looking through my gaming stuff back home. Anyways, I need cartridge pictures of these:

Super Cartridge V.5: 7 in 1
Super Cartridge V.6: 6 in 1

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me 🙂

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