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Toy Story 2 UTB


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I recently learned of some copies had a serious misprint. Outlined here


So I decided to try and find a sealed copy to try my luck with but I came across this copy.s-l1600.thumb.jpg.fe37308ba5149a0267bb315f7e9a7658.jpg


This one is coming out of New York so I don't think it's one of the 1,000 produced, but I had to get this one

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Somewhat along the same lines was this laserdisc release:



It was recalled almost immediatley after hitting the racks in video stores.  They made up a story about defective laserdiscs that would be replaced.  The dealers knew though and almost none of them got returned as the store owners let customers know what was happening.  In reality a suggestive/objectionable  poster had been snuck in one of the cartoons.   The Japanese and  European laserdiscs were edited versions and the US one was never rereleased. I have one but they are not particularly valuable since so many copies made into the hands of the public.


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