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Brand new never used NES Control Deck.

Armageddon Potato

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What is something like this worth? The only ones I can find claim to be NIB, but are just decent looking CIBs. This thing smells as fresh as 1984, and I can confirm the lady who sold it to me bought it as a gift and it was stored in the attic unused since then. It's brand new never used not even once!




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30 minutes ago, B.A. said:

It had pretty clearly been opened before based on the pics. They don't come sealed in any way.  

Obviously at the factory, the box had to be assembled and it started "opened" before the contents were inserted, but what I meant was, it may never had been opened since shipped to the distributor and subsequent store.  If OP bought it from a woman who never gave it as a gift, she probably never opened it, looked at it, and then moved on.  She might have opened it for photos to sell it, but other than that, @Armageddon Potato might have been the first to crack it open.

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